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Month: August, 2011

Consumption Experiment Day Thirteen

August 31st, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND and GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I plan on cutting internet despite emails, short so I can snuggle with Mythology. Stayed up a bit last night re-reading some classics as my dad arrived with a box of books I prepacked; 30 oldies but goodies,  a few I haven’t touched.

Woke up early at 7 after sleeping for 5 hours but felt refreshed. I celebrated three birthdays today – one was my father’s, after he discovered he was born on August 31st. It’s a complicated family history but despite many past generations on my dad’s side stated as people of Hsinchu (Taiwan), my grandfather who was born in 1894 was disenchanted with the Japanese colonial rule over Taiwan that began in 1895. He rebelled vigorously throughout his youth, believing that only the Taiwanese should rule Taiwan and not any colonial masters, and moved around Asia. Thus my uncles and aunts were born in different cities. Having also lived in China, my grandfather soon came to realize that China had far more corruption than the Japanese and that Taiwan was still his beloved home and moved back.

When he did come back to his motherland, midst of WWII, records were in disarray and anyways some papers such as my 2nd uncle’s exact birth date were lost and my father was registered under the one he’s used for over 70 years. My grandfather also worked for the Japanese and then subsequently rebelled against the KMT when they took over Taiwan. If not for his “關係“ in which he got pardoned, he would have rotted in some nice prison for dissent against the Nationalists. I plan to read more of my grandfather’s carefully written notes and know more about his path and also about Taiwan’s tumultuous history. So far reads out like a long drama, with one of my aunts falling sick from TB during her studies in a Japanese university. My grandfather went to Japan to bring her back to Taiwan and she passed away. My uncle-in-law while on a trip back to Taiwan from Fukien, his passenger ship was bombed by a US aircraft leaving his very young sons fatherless.

On other clicked news, Climate cycles linked to civil war, just the roughs on globalization, marriage+divorce rates, face-saving in Taiwan politics in front of foreign adversary (why doesn’t the government listen to their own people and need for foreigners to point out and write letters before resolving anything?), another piece on why US needs Taiwan but honestly I read first paragraph and I quit. Because I don’t need anyone to tell me who I am and if we are just serving as pawns in some scheme then what? This type of article disgusts me because people are no longer people, just put in the view of whether they are useful or not. Yet when I say this directly about a person, people get OFFENDED. Yeah, weird right?

Did a couple segments of Democracy Now! in 15 minute-ish spurts and it was delicious. Everytime I end up watching DN I’m always invigorated! Cheney and his book, climate change and the recent surges of weather catastrophes, widow of an Army Ranger and how she confronted Rumsfeld who “heard about that”, saving some in NYC but not others (prisoners) during Irene, climate patterns with war. I was interested by Solomon Hsiang, not just for his report but his last name. If it’s an Asian name, it interested me how Amy Goodman pronounced it compared to how I would usually hear it if it’s attached to an Asian guy.

I spend most of my time reading through snippets from tweets as most people have summarized a life and event in the number of characters allotted. Wikileaks about 2006 booboo killing massacre by US – Iraq Civilian family, bus route for tomorrow, monday’s DN! headlines SEEDIQ BALE, a Taiwanese movie that was labeled as Taiwan, China; then recently Chinese Taipei, and today came to light that under the Venice International Film Festival has finally just left it as country, Taiwan.

Results of Taiwan’s presidential campaign via 2004, 2008, looked for baby girl names, some embezzelements and DPP, ODE magazine, green scissors, Keystone Pipeline ordeals.

Tried to get some people together for Saturday’s Animal Taiwan event, need followup on the space for Amnesty Taiwan tomorrow, need to figure out some discussion topics when we meet on Friday, need read through shrimp items again as also have meeting early Friday, had an offer to be an account for these really very talented Japanese graphic designers, a media/marketing plan kinda for the US on Taiwan, finding volunteers for flea market and someone to go do audio edits with me, still need to visit the orphanage but I’m booked through Sunday.

Responded to stuffs and looked at breads and cereals…time to read and rest.


Consumption Experiment – Day Twelve

August 30th, 2011

Book in hand: Yes, BOOZEHOUND. Read a few pages before sleeping around 1am earlier. Many errands to run, thus less consumption, more interacting with human build things such as gas station attendants and doggy docs. Also getting ready to be an aunt for the first time in my life, not just to strange young kids or my lovely dogs, but an actual “aunt.”

Worked a bit on project for Amnesty Taiwan event in October, trying to coordinate a space. More exposure to the photography workshop for Atayal children, then posted an opportunity to edit audio files for the visually impaired. I wanted to visit an orphanage today but ran a bit late and plan on picking up my pops later.

Mostly spend another day updating the site.

Gave thought to a new project (something about haircuts, yes)

Scheduled time for sorting out the clothing drive

Came across this regarding Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme, although refuting it as a Ponzi Scheme does not allay my other fears of it as a scheme, actually drew more attention into it! The Social Security site even has to justify this.

Also must mention I spend about 1.5 hours just on updating this site going back and forth. It’s good to have a place to write out thoughts as I click through crap but this may be leading to some extra multi-tasking. I will try to finish book review today. Want to start putting together a few tracks together, my favorites from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks, KMFDM, George Michael, The Cure, Bikini Kill, The Cramps, etc.

Stalked some which I shall not reveal, checked out some events in Taiwan at The Wall.

Pickup tonight and chat lasted long.

Consumption Experiment – Day Eleven

August 29th, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND again as I found it in a eco-shopping bag I used a few days ago. I really should start working on reading this! And holy hell I realized I’ve been updating all the dates as JULY instead of AUGUST.

Today was a busy day, dedicated to working on my volunteer network site in sprucing it up, cleaning it up, writing out clearer mission statements, figuring out why flickr is so darn slow to update its feeds. Spent about 12 hours on wordpress!

Took a pic of clothing drive with my cute puppy on top so everyone can see the scale. Having dogs makes everything cuter, brighter in life yes?


  1. Looked up orphanage info,
  2. people wanting to volunteer,
  3. volunteering in Taiwan,
  4. fish on floors,
  5. dogs leaving to die alone,
  6. 7 things dogs should not eat,
  7. my pup’s golden years,
  8. expensive dog breeds but I think this link is not accurate at all!
  9. read up about KMT’s Diane Lee’s dual citizenship, realized how interesting it was to read the case a few years ago saying how’d she’d get off…and she did!
  10. pressurized egg therapy, a cheat for sports?
  11. global gen x
  12. NSFW American Apparel controversy and here
  13. Spent a bit of time setting up a flickr account – mainly spend time trying to figure out why the feed was retarded, sent in feedback
  14. checked out some .org sites and while I loved this sparked site first time I went, I’m asking questions about it now, probably because I’m trying do the opposite, some tips made by an amazing woman who spends her time doing webinars for free
  15. gallery event, KARAOKE
  16. looked up 104 to get ideas for my website on language proficiency and knowing now I need to really get a move on the aspect of pushing this site to the next level,
  17. celebrity gossip because i like the way he writes
  18. why go green, here, here
  19. an idiot post about why people should hire entrepreneurs, reminds me of the book a friend loaned me (still have sorry!) YOUR MARKETING SUCKS – because people actually forget a corporation’s goal is to make money. ROI baby. Forgets that it’s at any costs, right? which is why it’s hard for me to say i do marketing because it seems so destructive most of the time.
  20. Cosmetics in green for those who wear.
  21. Continue my foray into wordpress, figuring out the stats on this as well.


i need to dedicate more time to sprucing up a few twitter sites, one for amnesty taiwan eng and the other for my volunteer site. i wish there was one application in which i can decide which account to tweet to? anyone? thanks!



Consumption Experiment – Day Ten

August 28th, 2011

Book in Hand: couldn’t find my BOOZEHOUND, have fallen behind since have been frequenting outdoor society. Must clean room, must find book.

Must recuperate from being too social past few days, exhaustion.

  1. Started off the day finished a Longread, last two paragraphs on Clarence Thomas,
  2. an inspiring success story about Finland schools,
  3. Randomly in inbox read on bartering in a restaurant. But if there still is such a high basis for capital needed ($200) and one is taking excessive crap people didn’t want anyways, what is the purpose? Could have should have bartered for things that are needed to make this a realistic model, no? It’s just bartering exchanging shit that one didn’t need anyways. At least some people are getting fed by getting rid of crap.
  4. Translated for Animals Taiwan, I should start writing an article for them as well!
  5. I put on some old podcasts, YOUNG AMERICA and wow what am I listening to? Listening to Sarah Palin right now, just listened to the ramblings of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. I tell you now,
  6. the SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA and YOUNG AMERICA are two vastly vastly different podcasts. The intro to Young America website vid is amazing, must watch! Reagan is God.
  7. Some reading on CHTHONIC reviews
  8. and the Amis tribe.
  9. Heaps on recycling and corruption,
  10. nukes in Taiwan,
  11. how to be a certified sustainable shrimp farm,
  12. in translation looked up canine distemper, cat aids,
  13. did some followup work for hosting Amnesty Taiwan event at TCAC,
  14. I LOVE NUKE event in Taiwan,
  15. anti-nuke in Taiwan,
  16. looked up 123studio,
  17. Taiwan visa status,
  18. my friend has the cutest homemade stuffs for her and her daughter, please check here!

I just registered my domains and .org… $20 some odd bucks of which I don’t have but will skip 3 meals because it’s so worth it!Trying to get it hosted by Taiwan Website Cooperative so hope that is forthcoming and I can begin designing what I’d like and offering member logins.

Also went to pick up the last of the clothing donations and was a bit overwhelmed lugging everything up to my apartment. But I came up with more avenues of “recycle” when I came across a book on studying for the GMATS, wanting to donate that to a free library in Tienmu. I don’t see it as applicable in a flea market and it’s 2008 so could still be of benefit to someone in Taiwan. Would be a shame to have it recycled so soon even though I think standardized tests are crap. Least I could do is ensure they stop making money, probably the reason why that nonsense is around!


After reading through the success story about Finland, I realized I’ve come a myriad of readings lately on whether the issue is to live to be oneself, or to be altruistic. Socialist? Marxist? The good of the many, the collective? I don’t find myself altruistic. If it comes to the submission of myself for others, it is for an obvious reason and unacceptable. But why isn’t the rationale and logic thing to do is want to save the environment and head for sustainable living? Does this not benefit, not profit us? What is the scheme of profit if in the end we are self destructed by it? I feel profited by it; that measure is not in terms of capitalism and I’m bored of applying to that any longer. I suppose the fear is that some of us might actually have to grow food instead of being able to have our “rights” to rather sit in front of a telly and watch it. In today’s practice of capitalism, this ponzi scheme, some has got to lose. Only if people were rationale to stop having more kids than they can feed and sustain, only if we all did our part in discovering that life and sustainable are also profitable, will we achieve happiness.

Then again you know there are those who love to destroy others, drama queens as they call it, but they actually find no solace in the act. What of those then? How do you live in a rationale world when others are not; or at least, no one is agreeing on which logic or rational to follow? Libertarian, Objectivism is all great but not so much when the same rules are not applied. Let’s all live on the Animal Farm. People will change laws. 有辦法退出江湖嗎? Let’s be realistic here. K. was right when she said that was for people who still lived in high school. Rand is my dream, but not a practicing reality.

I have come to this thinking that rarely do you find people who are passionate about the same things that you are. And I have offered help to anyone and often in most cases, received no response. This has happened several times this year. No rejection, just pure silence. When my motives and intentions are clear to myself at least, I guess the fact that they in the end do not need my assistance it’s a good thing.

Bringing to light reality, bringing to light my reality, essence of art? I want the ones that change, that challenge the realities rather than feed into ideologies already set into place. To break and challenge others. It’s beyond a way of looking from a different position but to blow that out of the water completely. Only when one comes to this realization of difference and reality can we evolve. Not all art is created equal in the sense of what drives me. That which interests me wants to break me.

Just decided to write out the purpose in clothing drive. i’m still trying to change the most minimal ways in people’s attitudes, perhaps to prolong the suffering of the earth with the weight of humans and what they have moved from the ‘wants’ column into their ‘basic needs’ columns.

1) Instilling a habit of people buying clothes to take a second look purchasing. Hopefully by sorting out clothes they can also assess if there was a need for this expenditure and burden on natural resources.  REDUCE.

2) Provide clothing for people in need. REUSE.

3) Instill a habit of RECYLING in people to think twice about their clothing before tossing.

4) Supports the youth and native Taiwanese population via 康樂福音教會 and 臺灣路竹會

5) Provides bedding and blankets for stray animals in Taiwan during the wintertime (Animals Taiwan)

6) Funnels remaining unwearable clothing to be recycled/reused into other items.

Consumption Experiment – Day Nine

August 27th, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND

Started with The Nation this morning, Arab Awakening. I now wonder as I continue to read editorials and articles about the same thing, pointing out the same problems, then so what. The blame has fallen on indicators and disenchanted youth, although if the wealth and social services are spread, people are happy.  Haven’t read through this, DEMOCRACY 101 but interested in the title. Who is permitted, in this day and age with parts of democracy freedoms eroding, to teach about democracy?

John Stewart on Obama, can’t recall if i posted the one he did on Ron Paul? Shows that

He’s so hilarious, starting to really enjoy his videos, toooo funny! The poor have refrigerators? Class warfare. I rarely watch Fox news and it’s so sad how it’s gone since the heyday of Married with Children.  Tar babies.
China still a military threat to Taiwan? What they’ve done is be strategic in this society of smiling with fingers crossed behind their back. Taiwanese identity has continued to rise in the US census.

On him, on globalization effects on marginalized society, Linchi executions, more, saw photography stills likened to this, is this here yet?

Would like next week to go back to a good isolation form and look back at some archives, books, family. Finish reviewing books.

New Longread week – only read those two last week and skipped the rest since was not interested. But to open my mind will this time read all I am not interested in to expand horizons…

After I got home from a live art performance at MOCA I read a Longread for this week on PARTNERS, Annals of Lawthat goes over Clarence Thomas, his spouse Ginni Thomas, and his strict interpretation of the Constitution. Interesting as I have not touched anything related to reading the Constitution since high school and then a class in University. The main concern for this article is also a heading in the title: Will Clarence and Virginia Thomas succeed in killing Obama’s health-care plan?

“I grew up with maids, and janitors, and yard people,” he told the students at Stetson. “It gives you a perspective on society. You’re looking from the bottom up, and how people see it from that direction. . . . You understand why people are angry or upset. You understand why they become rich soil for class envy and class hatred, or class warfare. You see how they become easy pickings for people who have snake-oil merchants for solving all their problems. But you develop a respect for them without condescension. You develop an attitude that we are all inherently equal regardless of who went to school and who did not—that there can be smart people who did not have any book learning and never had a chance.”

Thomas continued, “There’s a difference between being poor and being stupid. And you’re stupid for thinking that they’re stupid. As my granddaddy would say, you’re just an educated fool. . . . I am passionate about preserving liberty so that people can rise from that to go to the Supreme Court.” Thomas saw that he was getting worked up and paused with a small laugh. “My wife does this, too,” he said. “My wife is my best friend. I can rant with her. She doesn’t read opinions or anything. We believe that this is a good country and that people should have a chance. That’s why you see so many of my law clerks who don’t go to Ivy League schools. These are kids who tried hard and did well. Why don’t we reward them?”

After returning home I faced a feeling of ennui. At the time going out already have and although the live performance was wonderful, I would have preferred there was no one around. Three consecutive days of being surrounded by people and I was bored, I was tired, I was kaput. I needed to retire for some music and reading, some alone time. I no longer wanted to go out and smile or make eye contact. It’s refreshing but that term is dedicated to a once in a blue moon sort of activity. Once it has been fulfilled it’s over with. Only with the contrast of unrefreshing can I seek to find the term to be utilize yet again.

Consumption Experiment – Day Eight

August 26th, 2011

Book in Hand – ANTHEM (completed!)

This was an early morning (5:30am) after sleeping late. Headed out to Taipei Main and transferred to the train, got back home at 1:30pm. At some point in between I had the chance to finish Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM, a book size that is very suitable for walking around the city with. The last time I was exposed to this book was when a friend read this to me in my teens and I was completely riveted. I could never get over the parting that ended in “them” learning “I”, “them” learning “EGO”

I had always held onto Ayn Rand and never saw a conflict with not being Republican. I want to re-read Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead and truly dissect Ayn Rand now that I’m older and have seen the world a bit more than when I was 16. I’ve never been fully able to accept any one credo put take the snippets for my own interpretation and it seems that my blind love for Ms. Rand has come to really …broad…plateau.

Looked at some vids sent regarding overfishing. tried to play Final Fantasy III a bit, I believe I’m much better at reading than watching videos as the recent DN failure to launch. Going to try to just go via podcast. Low consumption via internet today, more social interaction with live people.

After meeting with a dear friend in which we talked about charity work and volunteerism,

stopped by an photography exhibition titled Documented, Doubted, and Imagined Realities : Contemporary Photography from Japan and Taiwan, marveled at Chen Chieh-Jen and will look into him for more items, then followed by a rare dinner. I haven’t gone out to socially eat food in a long while. Completed by drinks of water and chat with a potential 嫂嫂 in her lovely cafe in Shida road.

Here are more of CHEN CHIEH JEN. Looking for that special Taiwanese man that does the same things.

Consumption Experiment – Day Seven

August 25th, 2011

NYPD with CIA help moving in on Muslims, covertly ; Japanese text books on Taiwan; Bull Semen spilt?

Ma pressing for reforms to land regulations which is good, but don’t we always wish these things took place before, crap that comes up about some 1992 consensus – hello let’s get on with policies DPP and KMT! Wikileaks regarding Taiwan here.

Also going back to the oldies from earlier this year, finishing up a post on Fat Girls and Feeders and my analogy of our dear companion dogs.

Read up a bit on TOM’s shoes as being a savior or scam? Here, here, here and a controversy here.

I’m starting to see my pattern in which I cover a few items consistently lately.

Sepnt lunch/breakfast with Democracy Now

Reading another Longread about baby girls in China and I feel this is a very biased article. She constantly mentions that Shanghai is the wealthier of the emerging Chinese cities and conditions are improving because of its wealth “As China grows in confidence, in wealth, in world stature,” which is good as if money must be floating ought to be for improvements. But she somehow forgets while mentioning she “knew” and “mentioning” foreign exposure would achieve results; that what she was then shown was not necessarily representative of the rest of China. Sure, references are made to past rumors and things she’s ‘heard’ but it surprises me that as a reporter she is not very investigative. I am always wary of people who live only in the major cities (Beijing, Shanghai) and then magically believe the rest is just as representative. Yeah….ok. She needs to get out of her comfort zone of a cushy expat life and look around for herself before she represents either a false or true image to people. Writing about the worst or the best is not ideal as both result in perceptions and perhaps via legislation and once people begin to believe in it, a reality.

**Magic words on reports BAM her baby was transported, was found, and then a visit was arranged for her to a nice adoption ward and she grades her articles on these pretty wards in which people knew that she was writing a story.

I immediately recognised the attitude: a new Chinese self-confidence – some call it arrogance – that has emerged. From babies to banking, China is flexing its muscles. But one of the upsides of that new confidence is that the government has begun to care about what the rest of the world thinks of it. Knowing that, and having failed through other channels, I turned eventually to the information section of the Shanghai department of foreign affairs, and explained my intention to write an article about Donuts – in which I might find it necessary to mention that the system meant I was not allowed to help her.

Their staff quickly located the baby and reported on her condition – she had atrial septal defect (a common heart condition), a large angioma on her right eye and one webbed foot. When she was about four months old, they arranged for me to visit her at the Shanghai City Children’s Welfare Institute, where she was taken after her hospital stay.

It was there that I discovered that being a ward of the state in China these days is not nearly so appalling as it used to be. For as China has grown wealthier, so have its orphanages. There are homes in some smaller, poorer or more remote cities that remain grim, but at Donuts’ orphanage, visions of Oliver Twist are a distant memory.

Nice writing but poor journalism work.

Today’s other news which I read on feeds is Steve Jobs resigning as CEO and people screaming about the direction of Apple and their stocks. Some others posted a speech he gave at Stanford in 2005 and I didn’t watch it but read my friend’s blurb that she pulled out

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

And I responded in my usual piratey manner:

like living in the framework world of an Apple product and people jizzing in their pants over an OS update?

I furthered this in later comments that:

the only person that can make a speech as above is the person creating the dogma and setting the opinion. but do you blame the master or realize that you are a follower and can make the choice to set your own and be able to give a speech and make people jizz without being anywhere near them, just by evoking words or responding an email with the word “hi”?

thanks for this post at least which is different than the wave of “he’s stepping down as a CEO” and people screaming what about my stocks oh my god where is apple going to be headed? it seems that Job’s greatest lesson that he gave is the one that people have ignored, perhaps because it can’t be bought as cheaply as $499+.

This is just a bafflement and I can’t believe how many people posted on him stepping down like the world has collapsed. Regimes have changed throughout the Middle East but that doesn’t have quite the spark.

Thoughts after seeing guys being surrounded by women. Is it in a man’s self worth to have to surround himself with women as they say for women, it’s a self worth issue to surround herself with men?

I no longer believe in theories that have been floated around but have been applied and then misshaped. Because inherently, this is also a failure on the part of the theory – we have to face the reality that the application by human nature subjects it to ‘error’ or what have you not. If it cannot be implemented without failure, regardless, it is broken. I’ll use a simple example from the Haiti article I read yesterday

Increasingly, aid workers and experts like Schwartz watched as plans for new communities were proposed and then scratched — sometimes because the land was not available, other times for more prosaic reasons. Sanitation remains a major problem. There is no functioning waste system outside of Haiti’s cities, making toilets that rely on water impossible. In the Croix de Bouquets area near Port-au-Prince, where USAID intended to build dozens of small dwellings known as “core homes,” planners had come up with an alternative solution — compost toilets — but USAID wouldn’t accept it. “They claimed it didn’t comply with U.S. codes,” recalls Vastine, who spent months working on the project. “But you cannot provide the kind of toilet mechanisms we have in the U.S. in most parts of Haiti. Simply to build the infrastructure would cost tens of millions of dollars.” The entire “core home” project, which cost $53 million, according to Vastine, wound up spending about a third of the money trying to replicate American-style toilets for Haitian refugees. “It was ridiculous,” says Vastine.

We can talk about all the easy work of what we want but what are the steps? Simple as implementing the gold standard? How are you going to convince, today, the people who are voted, to change and alternate to this? Are you going to take actionable steps in walking to Washington DC? Treat that as the toilet. We want a toilet but the landscape is not feasible or conducive. So what is the root of the problem and how will we fix it? It may be through PR, changing ideology, people’s thinking, which may take time. People need to get to the root of the problem and instead most want to focus on the dream of what it will mean – end of world hunger, individualism, my own plot of land, sure. But we don’t have a country from scratch so revise accordingly to what you have at your campsite or it is irrelevant. You can’t build a toilet that relies on water without the water, the infrastructure, without the funding, or the space. You can and must think about the end result and long term effects but work progressively on A and BEFORE A.

Thus I am always bored by the arguments for capitalism, for democracy, for anarchy, for catholics, for christians, for buddhists, for for for what what what. We can live all we want in these “if would be so much better if…” and then bide and whine, write or blog about the time when that will happen. With the powers that will be, it won’t happen which means we need to come up with an alternative that is capable of implementing, taking action on plans instead of wishing for the good fairy to come wipe the world clean and we can reboot. It will happen but in the meantime, what now? Ride it out? Lame. My sole existence, darlings, is to not wait for the world and life to seep by while under duress. It’s to alleviate that annoyance, be happy, and push or lead it in the direction I want it to go for myself and the world. I stop whining about the government and saying I won’t vote because it won’t change and instead do something more than just meet with other people so we can lament again. Any meeting that passes more than a hour without any actionable steps taken, meeting shouldn’t have taken place.

Headed to Taipei Art Fair in the afternoon, ran into some old faces and met new ones. Evening kaput.

Consumption Experiment – Day Six

August 24th, 2011

Books in Hand: BOOZEHOUND and ANTHEM

Does midnight:10 count?

  1. Haven’t slept yet but Harper’s Weekly Review is keeping me up
  2. and I clicked on this link thinking it might be a Taiwan flick because my Taiwanese friend posted it plus it has some Van Gogh on it.
  3. Read through the following as well, regarding airlines switching to ipads and is it actually worth it,
  4. shrimp farming and mangroves,
  5. great research money being spent for perhaps valid research but deduced to shrimp on a treadmill,
  6. re-read the Pentagon’s expenditure and the
  7. SIGIR report,
  8. terror trials by numbers via Mother Jones,
  9. rise of the twin phenomenon but not for the reasons I expected.
  10. skyrocketed from one pair born out of every 53 live births in 1980 to one out of every 31 births in 2008.

  11. Was an early morning, having to pick up/take the “kids” for grooming. Fighting traffic at 8am and waiting for the salon to open meant I got home around noon.
  12. Also was able to pick up some clothes and shoes for the clothing drive! I had prepared reading materials in advanced but decided to just come home afterwards.
  13. Contemplated more on how to devise Amnesty Taiwan’s social media and wondered about my hesitation with human rights. Is it the term human rights that somehow trumps it over, well say, all things rights? To be treated with dignity and appreciated, cherished – from humans to plants, to animals to a pair of shoes or a teddy bear? I was surprised (but not really) to hear that there were topics we could not broach in Taiwan and I assume this is the same of many organizations around the world, depending on where they are and subjects of sensitivity.
  14. However, being left with topics of no sensitivity or importance, left some irrelevant topics as isn’t it which that discomforts us what we should face? Is there a reason then why the UN Women’s does not talk about forced sterilizations in China? (according to a tweeter). Is that true?
  15. More here, here, and opposed view that this is all false here on Reality Check.
  16. Brand journalism,
  17. Stateless Social,
  18. Peace, Freedom & Prosperity, agree and disagree as I was a lover of Ayn Rand and still am on many forms; but the application in reality is often thwarted by rule breakers and magics. Seems like we live in a paranoid state in where we are trying to protect ourselves from each other and ourselves. It’s all good and lovely when we are using logic and rational thinking, it’s all wonderful when we are trying to achieve happiness but does not mean at destroying others in our pursuit of selfishness, but there are casualities on the way.
  19. This afternoon after updating the above, continue to read more about this eco-shrimp proposal and another project someone is asking me to assist with. Sidetracked by a few urban legends out of Goleta and then searching found this report on porn.
  20. While I really enjoy working on various projects, learning, meeting, seeing pro-bono, it is time I buckled down to searching for something that pays the mortgage. It has been a bit difficult as the jobs in Asia are just not that green. It seems so much easier in America but I believe Asia needs to get on the track especially with the rise of the population in applying itself to be sustainable as soon as possible or the earth will burn out at an even more rapid pace.
  21. More fun on shrimps..sustainable..thoughts? I will need to read up on the shrimps links here, here, this walmart link, here, inspirational one here,
  22. and a robot farm!
  23. Had errands to run in the evening, including picking up a ton of clothing! I can only handle one more shipment honestly, and although today I felt a bit down and discouraged, I felt renewed strength in seeing the potential in the items.
  24. Picked up the kids and then back home to do some misc boring things like eat and then I watched Scott Pilgram Against the World flick on TV all the while searching up answers on the cast (bad of me to do that, multitask).
  25. Began reading some of the stances by politicians for the 2012 US elections and wondered how accurate this site was. Wondered why only Republicans and Democrats were listed and seriously, how can someone without a consistent record run? I mean for example right now Jon Hunstman seems to be heading towards a possible contender but most of his civil rights records are blank! And while Obama looks good on paper, how good is it in real life? One dimensional versus three dimensional, will we ever know unless the person is in power?
  26. Then I decided against Democracy Now! again and chose to read a long awaited Long Read gathered by Mother Jones. And Oh My God, enthralling! I couldn’t put it down!
  27. How the World Failed Haiti is a piece I will probably be doing a short review elsewhere, there are tidbits in it I just can’t refuse to question the ideology. Here’s a quick one

During the summer and fall of 2009, Mills dispatched several teams of experts to Haiti to assess the best investment options. They paid particular attention to a strategy drawn up by Oxford University economist Paul Collier, who maintained that with its low-paid workforce and loose labor regulations, Haiti could become a major supplier for the apparel industry. The ideas weren’t dissimilar from the policies that had been foisted on Haiti as far back as the Duvalier era. “That same model of T-shirt manufacturing was tried in the 1970s, and was an utter failure,” notes a U.N. official. “The entire model is based on paying people so little that it doesn’t activate the economy. It keeps the labor force subsisting, but there’s not enough surplus in their salaries to do more than keep their family alive.”

My first immediate reaction was to “loose regulations” seen as a POSITIVE, as an OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity to exploit people? This immediately brought to mind these HSBC ads that are everywhere. They simply put up an image and then label two to three different ways the same image can be seen via your point of view and here are two examples below.

I highly recommend the long read and it also mentions two of my hometowns which is so random. Has there ever been an article in which you will see Taiwan and Santa Barbara mentioned?

Might I also mention that in regards to the above on STUCK IN REPEAT I was reading, I asked the author a question on Chinese debt. He kindly responded! When I have more brainpower I will read his response and answer in clarity. You can feel free to read his response and do the homework first.

Also caught Jing Daily in irresponsible journalism again (and I’m not even trying to single them out man). First when browsing er for fun/work privacy policies, I realized they had PLACEHOLDER text on theirs. Called them out on twitter and within a day that was updated to a skeleton-al framework. Then today my feed showed images from “Japanese brand Superdry Debuts in Hong Kong” and I pointed out it’s a UK brand, not Japanese. People get confused because the brand utilized a bit of Japanese language characters to give it some sort of marketing vibe that I don’t get but has been very successful. Jing Daily quickly responded that they left out a word “inspired” which is bullocks but whatever, they changed it and I have one less notch respect for their fact checking and reports than I did before. Luxury news fucking up in comparisons to politicians lying – at least the luxury news updated to the truth which is bravo. Politicians and news outlets also need to get their shit together.

Consumption Experiment – Day Five

August 23, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND by Jason Wilson and ANTHEM by Ayn Rand. Usual twitter feeds of 250; facebook feeds of approx 900, instagram and responses, can’t stop looking at dog pictures on that darn thing!

Woke up early, trying to detangle the dreams, 4:30a-6:00a and back to snooze again with difficulties.Read through Ms. Tsai’s policies for Taiwan and realized that I actually do like what I’m seeing as it seems she took into careful consideration many points, some items she said took 2.5 years to formulate.Looking forward to the KMT’s proposal although I wished they offered it a little sooner. Elections are in March 2012?

“Tsai laid out six pillars for her overall national policy: an economy oriented toward employment, a society with fair distribution of resources, a secure and sustainable environment, a diverse and innovative education system and culture, a democracy deepened by public participation and, finally, a stable, multilateral peace strategy.

The 54-year-old expressed the view that the government should play an active role in national development.

For example, she called for publicly funded, large-scale urban regeneration projects, an increase in the market share of public universities and a state-funded care system for children and the elderly.

The policy guidelines — effectively her presidential policy platform — highlight the essential differences between the DPP and the KMT, she said.

While the KMT insists on a GDP-oriented, pro-corporation economy based on industrial development and an education system based on nationalism, the DPP intends to emphasize job creation and building the domestic economy, improving quality of life, industrial upgrades, good governance, making peace with nature and encouraging diversity, she said.”

Updated this site and then moving onto things that are Made in Taiwan, ran through twitter feed quickly with Michael Turton’s letter to Taipei Times open, going through facebook feed. Chinese in the seas, other political stuff with a list from M.T and I have to say his style of writing, clear, concise, is very endearing. I am constantly on the lookout for writing from both views regarding Taiwan that does not involve name calling the Chinese or Taiwanese.

Realized the DSK RAPE charges were to be dropped and reminded myself of the other article I was going to write.

Referred someone to Accidental Chinese Hipsters although I do not agree with the definition of Chinese. Fox and Hulu on piracy, S&P president stepping down after giving the US AA+ rating which is disgusting because he pointed out the truth? Had the audacity to downgrade the US, finally? Wrigley targeting game users, a dog that needs rescuing in Taichung,

Skimmed some details on Gaddafi yesterday, hope to read more full articles today.

I updated my volunteer network site with a really fun project that works with Atayal children, surrounding art and photography. You can read more here and this came out of a chance meeting I had when I met Mr. Coolidge as one of the women was really proactive in getting things started and done! Malinda is such an inspiration! I’m also glad I’ve already had a few questions from interested parties for this trip to Hsinchu. Going to start helping her with wordpress and some other sites so she can get stuff rolling!

Headed to Salt & Light organization for the blind to see what volunteers they needed and they gave me a 1.5 hour training session on a few Wave programs, wanted to take down my name, address, contact information, and asked me when I would be coming the next time. I was a bit overwhelmed with the intense training, I have to admit but I’ll see if I can complete a book and move some volunteers interested over to them. There are issues with not knowing Chinese well enough but shouldn’t be a huge barrier for most.

Then headed onto Shida for a small Amnesty Taiwan meeting, this time they were pitching an event for Oct 10th to coincide with the “world coalition day against the death penalty.” It’s always nice to meet people who are active and want to draw awareness to something they believe in. You can join them on facebook; I’m starting to set up a few social media networks for them. Starting to think how to leverage this with artists.

Came home around 9:30pm, took care of home business then began answering emails and questions on facebook and even Forumosa where I have posted about the volunteer items. Read a few more articles about Wikileaks, a phuket shrimp business, and tying in loose ends from my 5am read this morning about Michael Pollan on cooking as a spectator sport, that tied into some article I read about Anthony Bourdain chiding the food network…I guess I didn’t update this experiment well enough because that read is here.

Michael Pollan’s recent cover story in The New York Times Magazine explores America’s obsession with cooking as a spectator sport — and why the rise of cooking shows has coincided with the rise of fast food and prepackaged meals.

As Pollan points out, the time it takes the average American to prepare dinner has dropped to less than half the amount of time it takes to watch an episode of Top Chef.

I’d love to get started on the site for Malinda Schultz and the facebook event page is here…JOIN!

In the middle of all this, I have barely eaten all day. Is eating overrated? Cooked and force fed self at this point. Did Will and Jada split?

Also locked myself into clothing drive pickups at 9am tomorrow and 7:30pm…. bring a book along! Read read read!

Looking at Democracy Now’s recent upload(they upload around 9am eastern time) and always at this hour thinking if I should sleep and try to maintain a non-2am sleep habit again. Getting to Neihu at 9am tomorrow means early early wakeup. Maybe I can watch it tomorrow when I’m waiting around for the grooming salon for pups to open? (11am!) When algorthims control the world? Frack. And funny, I just got this link yesterday about the video the article mentions, go enjoy! Forgot this post on domestic workers in Hong Kong who are challenging the restrictions placed on them for residency. Kind of find it upsetting that I know I read this (I mentioned this in a conversation I had today) yet it’s not in my history and I forgot to write it down. Maybe on my mobile? I must be missing about 100+ other distractions on my ‘experiment!’

Consumption Experiment – Day Four

Morning started off with Yoga. On the transport I pondered a few art projects with the indigenous tribes, possible marketing exposure to the film projects, and a personal project painting my family.

Book in hand, BOOZEHOUND and wishes to review Green is the New Red today on my other site.

August 21st, 2011

  1. Looked through Linkedin, responded to some posts about Taiwan including the pros and cons about the quality of life post,
  2. read some feed from others including residents in Shanghai being one of the most miserable in China,
  3. Taiwan as some happy phantom government but I feel overlooks a few factors,
  4. possible decline of capitalism,
  5. the shopping holiday seasons created by retailers,
  6. UK riot media slants,
  7. UN authoritarian members and some of the hurdles this organization has faced, from
  8. Oil for Food program and in general, dissent.
  9. Such as China regarding Tibet,Iran and the Holocaust
  10. Some updated items of Newsroom Formosa about the latest develops in Taiwan politics.
  11. Emailed a project maker about how to volunteer for this great photography event she’s trying to set up for indigenous kids in Hsinchu. I have a soft spot for Hsinchu, which is the ancestral home of my great grandfather and grandfather!
  12. Checked out some possible doggies for adoption here
  13. Watched The Voice and some other movie I can’t recall. Of course caught some juicy minutes in Taiwan’s TV drama 父與子 followed by a quick snooze. Up and reading writing again.
  14. After responding to some inbox messages on volunteering in Taiwan, including this site Vision Youth Action from a founder I met yesterday,
  15. continued to read some opinions on China being more multicultural than the West,
  16. climate changes,
  17. Finlandization,
  18. English names in Asia,
  19. politics, and other references about Taiwan goodies, etc.
  20. Responded to an email on research I wanted to begin regarding sexuality, pushed to November.
  21. Made plans this week and realized it was the Art Fair in Taiwan.
  22. Tried to see if there were any more episodes of ICE LOVES COCO (reality show).
  23. Snooping around celebrity sites realized that the Kardashians married in Santa Barbara so of course, with interest to my other hometown, looked around for nostalgia’s sake.
  24. Attempted again to start Mother Jones’ LONGREADS but derailed again!

Slept early but woke up at 4:30am.