Consumption Experiment – Day One

by linwanwan

Trying to recap the things I’ve read or skimmed, considered, in the last 24 hours from what I can remember. I think it would be a fun exercise to keep this up for a month in relating to some of the things I’ve read in the past day and what I spend my waking hours musing upon to see what I need to focus on, needs to expand on.  The noggin is filled with so many things.

My current goals before I start this is first to spend approximately 10 hours maximum of my day bombarded by the internet whether in front of the computer or mobile. I reckon I can only absorb so much information and then need to try to make sense of what I am consuming and how to productively utilize that information in the future. Also I hope to lessen the strain on my poor eyes.

My current streams of information comes from two twitter accounts (one has about 200 feeds I read, the other 250, many duplicates) one facebook account (approximately 900 people’s feeds).

I regularly visit for a daily dosage if I can spare my mind for a hour and focus.

AUGUST 19th 2011

Book in Hand: Green is the New Red, Conversations with the Dalai Lama

Mobile Obsessions: Instagram, Twitter feeds (approx 250 mainly media outlets related to Taiwan, Asia news, Environmental, Luxury Goods, Capitalism, Human Rights)

  1. Reading the book GREEN IS THE NEW RED and thought about my past life in Animal Rights and current apathy, wondered about Vivisection; wondered if that existed in Taiwan.
  2. Wrote on the identification issues between “African-American” and the notion that Obama is not “African-American”
  3. Taiwan takes pride in its quality of life – edited this down for easier posting on another site
  4. Shelley Rigger’s new book “Why Taiwan Matters” – proceeded to read other reviews
  5. A post on Couple splits, guy wants $400k in court
  6. Editorial on China Taiwan honeymoon
  7. Watched Juan Gonazalez: Verizon Worker’s Strike and others
  8. Looked up Machu Picchu
  9. Signed up and cancelled Yoga Classes
  10. Edited Handful Of Sapphires
  11. Celebrity Gossip
  12. Read a few of 95 Magazine’s Artist Interviews
  13. Looked for foster animals
  14. Contact with animal rights organizations on volunteering
  15. Looked back to an article on sustainable agriculture in Taiwan, here, and TED Event
  16. Contact with sustainable living, read about the Soil & Water Conservation
  17. A little background research on vivisection in Taiwan
  18. Requested for those involved in sustainable living in Taiwan. Read up on Tammy Turner and Robin Winkler (sustainable living), Green Party, and another site
  19. Recommended a few sites on sustainable living, here and looked into Greywater again
  20. Called the Salt&Light Organization to volunteer next Tuesday
  21. Went over a longer version for plans for the launch of a Taiwan FAQ site, neutrally written
  22. Read into Taiwan’s Martial Law and White Terror, the longest in history now Syria holds that title; clicked further into Bo Yang, Chinese Nationalism,
  23. Looked at this adorable Boston Terrier video again amongst a few others
  24. Edited through Handful of Sapphires again
  25. Replied back to a few posts on health care, projects, indigenous populations
  26. Read up about the Georgetown v China brawl, vid here wondered about censorship
  27. Read up on some Americans moving manufacturing back to the US  and clicked other related links here and here
  28. Read up on Chang Kai-Shek as someone is loving Demos Chiang
  29. Read up on Bush Obama administration
  30. Read up on Treehugger articles such as “Animals Responding 3x Faster to Climate Change Than Expected” and this is one feed that I am consistently finding goodies in, so I recommend!
  31. Consumed a few things on the good ole telly, including Final Destination. Read and wondered about my dear friends who shun upon the practice of various mediums going on at once, wondered if I should hail their advice on this one. Though about sexual harassment, rape, and the fact that prevention starts with the woman and not mandatory for the rapists.
  32. Went over my field of pornographic studies in the categories available.

This has been slightly difficult as I’m writing this based on my computer’s history; I also use my mobile frequently and look through flipboard.  Perhaps to effectively capture the day I best stay on one medium, however, that would be unnatural and inaccurate as well.  However, I deleted my history on the phone. I’ll give it a shot today!