Consumption Experiement – Day Two & Day Three

by linwanwan

Updating this a bit later as it has been a very busy weekend and I attempted to not even turn on the computer yesterday but did give into some mobile browsing. I’m going to have to browse and update at the same time, going back to write in has proven difficult!

August 20th, 2011

Book in Hand; Green is the New Red

Went to volunteer at the flea market in Tienmu for Animals Taiwan, around 3pm and got home at 11:00pm. What a day!

Read through a few items including Newt trying to secure the Asian vote, PJ’s Pets pet stores no longer selling puppies from mills and instead opts for adoption, some very not cool guy deleting a huge cache of wikileaks, more reads on UK riots, other items can’t recall.  This is tougher than I thought!

July 21st, 2011

Book in Hand; Green is the New Red completed!

Went to the Pearl Church, late afternoon including transport 4:00 till 7:00pm. I’m doing a clothing drive and the Pearl is kindly putting the word out. If you’d like to get involved and are in Taipei, let me know!

Then headed for a first time meet with Tony Coolidge and some of his friends both new and old. Tony is the man behind “Voices in the Cloud” 眾族同聲 movie which documents him finding more about his aboriginal roots in Taiwan’s Atayal Aboriginal tribe. This gathering was a group of like-minded people, eager to start off great projects that brought exposure to the indigenous tribes in Taiwan whilst preserving their culture. I have started a volunteer network in Taiwan and found this to be an inspiring meeting to possibly help various projects come to light which would be a win for the producers and win for volunteers who want to share and learn in this experience.

I really can’t recall the links I read, was pretty busy and the items are rather muddled. I managed to keep the laptop off all day as well!