Consumption Experiment – Day Five

by linwanwan

August 23, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND by Jason Wilson and ANTHEM by Ayn Rand. Usual twitter feeds of 250; facebook feeds of approx 900, instagram and responses, can’t stop looking at dog pictures on that darn thing!

Woke up early, trying to detangle the dreams, 4:30a-6:00a and back to snooze again with difficulties.Read through Ms. Tsai’s policies for Taiwan and realized that I actually do like what I’m seeing as it seems she took into careful consideration many points, some items she said took 2.5 years to formulate.Looking forward to the KMT’s proposal although I wished they offered it a little sooner. Elections are in March 2012?

“Tsai laid out six pillars for her overall national policy: an economy oriented toward employment, a society with fair distribution of resources, a secure and sustainable environment, a diverse and innovative education system and culture, a democracy deepened by public participation and, finally, a stable, multilateral peace strategy.

The 54-year-old expressed the view that the government should play an active role in national development.

For example, she called for publicly funded, large-scale urban regeneration projects, an increase in the market share of public universities and a state-funded care system for children and the elderly.

The policy guidelines ā€” effectively her presidential policy platform ā€” highlight the essential differences between the DPP and the KMT, she said.

While the KMT insists on a GDP-oriented, pro-corporation economy based on industrial development and an education system based on nationalism, the DPP intends to emphasize job creation and building the domestic economy, improving quality of life, industrial upgrades, good governance, making peace with nature and encouraging diversity, she said.”

Updated this site and then moving onto things that are Made in Taiwan, ran through twitter feed quickly with Michael Turton’s letter to Taipei Times open, going through facebook feed. Chinese in the seas, other political stuff with a list from M.T and I have to say his style of writing, clear, concise, is very endearing. I am constantly on the lookout for writing from both views regarding Taiwan that does not involve name calling the Chinese or Taiwanese.

Realized the DSK RAPE charges were to be dropped and reminded myself of the other article I was going to write.

Referred someone to Accidental Chinese Hipsters although I do not agree with the definition of Chinese. Fox and Hulu on piracy, S&P president stepping down after giving the US AA+ rating which is disgusting because he pointed out the truth? Had the audacity to downgrade the US, finally? Wrigley targeting game users, a dog that needs rescuing in Taichung,

Skimmed some details on Gaddafi yesterday, hope to read more full articles today.

I updated my volunteer network site with a really fun project that works with Atayal children, surrounding art and photography. You can read more here and this came out of a chance meeting I had when I met Mr. Coolidge as one of the women was really proactive in getting things started and done! Malinda is such an inspiration! I’m also glad I’ve already had a few questions from interested parties for this trip to Hsinchu. Going to start helping her with wordpress and some other sites so she can get stuff rolling!

Headed to Salt & Light organization for the blind to see what volunteers they needed and they gave me a 1.5 hour training session on a few Wave programs, wanted to take down my name, address, contact information, and asked me when I would be coming the next time. I was a bit overwhelmed with the intense training, I have to admit but I’ll see if I can complete a book and move some volunteers interested over to them. There are issues with not knowing Chinese well enough but shouldn’t be a huge barrier for most.

Then headed onto Shida for a small Amnesty Taiwan meeting, this time they were pitching an event for Oct 10th to coincide with the “world coalition day against the death penalty.” It’s always nice to meet people who are active and want to draw awareness to something they believe in. You can join them on facebook; I’m starting to set up a few social media networks for them. Starting to think how to leverage this with artists.

Came home around 9:30pm, took care of home business then began answering emails and questions on facebook and even Forumosa where I have posted about the volunteer items. Read a few more articles about Wikileaks, a phuket shrimp business, and tying in loose ends from my 5am read this morning about Michael Pollan on cooking as a spectator sport, that tied into some article I read about Anthony Bourdain chiding the food network…I guess I didn’t update this experiment well enough because that read is here.

Michael Pollan’s recent cover story in The New York Times Magazine explores America’s obsession with cooking as a spectator sport ā€” and why the rise of cooking shows has coincided with the rise of fast food and prepackaged meals.

As Pollan points out, the time it takes the average American to prepare dinner has dropped to less than half the amount of time it takes to watch an episode of Top Chef.

I’d love to get started on the site for Malinda Schultz and the facebook event page is here…JOIN!

In the middle of all this, I have barely eaten all day. Is eating overrated? Cooked and force fed self at this point. Did Will and Jada split?

Also locked myself into clothing drive pickups at 9am tomorrow and 7:30pm…. bring a book along! Read read read!

Looking at Democracy Now’s recent upload(they upload around 9am eastern time) and always at this hour thinking if I should sleep and try to maintain a non-2am sleep habit again. Getting to Neihu at 9am tomorrow means early early wakeup. Maybe I can watch it tomorrow when I’m waiting around for the grooming salon for pups to open? (11am!) When algorthims control the world? Frack. And funny, I just got this link yesterday about the video the article mentions, go enjoy! Forgot this post on domestic workers in Hong Kong who are challenging the restrictions placed on them for residency. Kind of find it upsetting that I know I read this (I mentioned this in a conversation I had today) yet it’s not in my history and I forgot to write it down. Maybe on my mobile? I must be missing about 100+ other distractions on my ‘experiment!’