Consumption Experiment – Day Four

by linwanwan

Morning started off with Yoga. On the transport I pondered a few art projects with the indigenous tribes, possible marketing exposure to the film projects, and a personal project painting my family.

Book in hand, BOOZEHOUND and wishes to review Green is the New Red today on my other site.

August 21st, 2011

  1. Looked through Linkedin, responded to some posts about Taiwan including the pros and cons about the quality of life post,
  2. read some feed from others including residents in Shanghai being one of the most miserable in China,
  3. Taiwan as some happy phantom government but I feel overlooks a few factors,
  4. possible decline of capitalism,
  5. the shopping holiday seasons created by retailers,
  6. UK riot media slants,
  7. UN authoritarian members and some of the hurdles this organization has faced, from
  8. Oil for Food program and in general, dissent.
  9. Such as China regarding Tibet,Iran and the Holocaust
  10. Some updated items of Newsroom Formosa about the latest develops in Taiwan politics.
  11. Emailed a project maker about how to volunteer for this great photography event she’s trying to set up for indigenous kids in Hsinchu. I have a soft spot for Hsinchu, which is the ancestral home of my great grandfather and grandfather!
  12. Checked out some possible doggies for adoption here
  13. Watched The Voice and some other movie I can’t recall. Of course caught some juicy minutes in Taiwan’s TV drama 父與子 followed by a quick snooze. Up and reading writing again.
  14. After responding to some inbox messages on volunteering in Taiwan, including this site Vision Youth Action from a founder I met yesterday,
  15. continued to read some opinions on China being more multicultural than the West,
  16. climate changes,
  17. Finlandization,
  18. English names in Asia,
  19. politics, and other references about Taiwan goodies, etc.
  20. Responded to an email on research I wanted to begin regarding sexuality, pushed to November.
  21. Made plans this week and realized it was the Art Fair in Taiwan.
  22. Tried to see if there were any more episodes of ICE LOVES COCO (reality show).
  23. Snooping around celebrity sites realized that the Kardashians married in Santa Barbara so of course, with interest to my other hometown, looked around for nostalgia’s sake.
  24. Attempted again to start Mother Jones’ LONGREADS but derailed again!

Slept early but woke up at 4:30am.