Consumption Experiment – Day Seven

by linwanwan

August 25th, 2011

NYPD with CIA help moving in on Muslims, covertly ; Japanese text books on Taiwan; Bull Semen spilt?

Ma pressing for reforms to land regulations which is good, but don’t we always wish these things took place before, crap that comes up about some 1992 consensus – hello let’s get on with policies DPP and KMT! Wikileaks regarding Taiwan here.

Also going back to the oldies from earlier this year, finishing up a post on Fat Girls and Feeders and my analogy of our dear companion dogs.

Read up a bit on TOM’s shoes as being a savior or scam? Here, here, here and a controversy here.

I’m starting to see my pattern in which I cover a few items consistently lately.

Sepnt lunch/breakfast with Democracy Now

Reading another Longread about baby girls in China and I feel this is a very biased article. She constantly mentions that Shanghai is the wealthier of the emerging Chinese cities and conditions are improving because of its wealth “As China grows in confidence, in wealth, in world stature,” which is good as if money must be floating ought to be for improvements. But she somehow forgets while mentioning she “knew” and “mentioning” foreign exposure would achieve results; that what she was then shown was not necessarily representative of the rest of China. Sure, references are made to past rumors and things she’s ‘heard’ but it surprises me that as a reporter she is not very investigative. I am always wary of people who live only in the major cities (Beijing, Shanghai) and then magically believe the rest is just as representative. Yeah….ok. She needs to get out of her comfort zone of a cushy expat life and look around for herself before she represents either a false or true image to people. Writing about the worst or the best is not ideal as both result in perceptions and perhaps via legislation and once people begin to believe in it, a reality.

**Magic words on reports BAM her baby was transported, was found, and then a visit was arranged for her to a nice adoption ward and she grades her articles on these pretty wards in which people knew that she was writing a story.

I immediately recognised the attitude: a new Chinese self-confidence – some call it arrogance – that has emerged. From babies to banking, China is flexing its muscles. But one of the upsides of that new confidence is that the government has begun to care about what the rest of the world thinks of it. Knowing that, and having failed through other channels, I turned eventually to the information section of the Shanghai department of foreign affairs, and explained my intention to write an article about Donuts – in which I might find it necessary to mention that the system meant I was not allowed to help her.

Their staff quickly located the baby and reported on her condition – she had atrial septal defect (a common heart condition), a large angioma on her right eye and one webbed foot. When she was about four months old, they arranged for me to visit her at the Shanghai City Children’s Welfare Institute, where she was taken after her hospital stay.

It was there that I discovered that being a ward of the state in China these days is not nearly so appalling as it used to be. For as China has grown wealthier, so have its orphanages. There are homes in some smaller, poorer or more remote cities that remain grim, but at Donuts’ orphanage, visions of Oliver Twist are a distant memory.

Nice writing but poor journalism work.

Today’s other news which I read on feeds is Steve Jobs resigning as CEO and people screaming about the direction of Apple and their stocks. Some others posted a speech he gave at Stanford in 2005 and I didn’t watch it but read my friend’s blurb that she pulled out

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

And I responded in my usual piratey manner:

like living in the framework world of an Apple product and people jizzing in their pants over an OS update?

I furthered this in later comments that:

the only person that can make a speech as above is the person creating the dogma and setting the opinion. but do you blame the master or realize that you are a follower and can make the choice to set your own and be able to give a speech and make people jizz without being anywhere near them, just by evoking words or responding an email with the word “hi”?

thanks for this post at least which is different than the wave of “he’s stepping down as a CEO” and people screaming what about my stocks oh my god where is apple going to be headed? it seems that Job’s greatest lesson that he gave is the one that people have ignored, perhaps because it can’t be bought as cheaply as $499+.

This is just a bafflement and I can’t believe how many people posted on him stepping down like the world has collapsed. Regimes have changed throughout the Middle East but that doesn’t have quite the spark.

Thoughts after seeing guys being surrounded by women. Is it in a man’s self worth to have to surround himself with women as they say for women, it’s a self worth issue to surround herself with men?

I no longer believe in theories that have been floated around but have been applied and then misshaped. Because inherently, this is also a failure on the part of the theory – we have to face the reality that the application by human nature subjects it to ‘error’ or what have you not. If it cannot be implemented without failure, regardless, it is broken. I’ll use a simple example from the Haiti article I read yesterday

Increasingly, aid workers and experts like Schwartz watched as plans for new communities were proposed and then scratched — sometimes because the land was not available, other times for more prosaic reasons. Sanitation remains a major problem. There is no functioning waste system outside of Haiti’s cities, making toilets that rely on water impossible. In the Croix de Bouquets area near Port-au-Prince, where USAID intended to build dozens of small dwellings known as “core homes,” planners had come up with an alternative solution — compost toilets — but USAID wouldn’t accept it. “They claimed it didn’t comply with U.S. codes,” recalls Vastine, who spent months working on the project. “But you cannot provide the kind of toilet mechanisms we have in the U.S. in most parts of Haiti. Simply to build the infrastructure would cost tens of millions of dollars.” The entire “core home” project, which cost $53 million, according to Vastine, wound up spending about a third of the money trying to replicate American-style toilets for Haitian refugees. “It was ridiculous,” says Vastine.

We can talk about all the easy work of what we want but what are the steps? Simple as implementing the gold standard? How are you going to convince, today, the people who are voted, to change and alternate to this? Are you going to take actionable steps in walking to Washington DC? Treat that as the toilet. We want a toilet but the landscape is not feasible or conducive. So what is the root of the problem and how will we fix it? It may be through PR, changing ideology, people’s thinking, which may take time. People need to get to the root of the problem and instead most want to focus on the dream of what it will mean – end of world hunger, individualism, my own plot of land, sure. But we don’t have a country from scratch so revise accordingly to what you have at your campsite or it is irrelevant. You can’t build a toilet that relies on water without the water, the infrastructure, without the funding, or the space. You can and must think about the end result and long term effects but work progressively on A and BEFORE A.

Thus I am always bored by the arguments for capitalism, for democracy, for anarchy, for catholics, for christians, for buddhists, for for for what what what. We can live all we want in these “if would be so much better if…” and then bide and whine, write or blog about the time when that will happen. With the powers that will be, it won’t happen which means we need to come up with an alternative that is capable of implementing, taking action on plans instead of wishing for the good fairy to come wipe the world clean and we can reboot. It will happen but in the meantime, what now? Ride it out? Lame. My sole existence, darlings, is to not wait for the world and life to seep by while under duress. It’s to alleviate that annoyance, be happy, and push or lead it in the direction I want it to go for myself and the world. I stop whining about the government and saying I won’t vote because it won’t change and instead do something more than just meet with other people so we can lament again. Any meeting that passes more than a hour without any actionable steps taken, meeting shouldn’t have taken place.

Headed to Taipei Art Fair in the afternoon, ran into some old faces and met new ones. Evening kaput.