Consumption Experiment – Day Six

by linwanwan

August 24th, 2011

Books in Hand: BOOZEHOUND and ANTHEM

Does midnight:10 count?

  1. Haven’t slept yet but Harper’s Weekly Review is keeping me up
  2. and I clicked on this link thinking it might be a Taiwan flick because my Taiwanese friend posted it plus it has some Van Gogh on it.
  3. Read through the following as well, regarding airlines switching to ipads and is it actually worth it,
  4. shrimp farming and mangroves,
  5. great research money being spent for perhaps valid research but deduced to shrimp on a treadmill,
  6. re-read the Pentagon’s expenditure and the
  7. SIGIR report,
  8. terror trials by numbers via Mother Jones,
  9. rise of the twin phenomenon but not for the reasons I expected.
  10. skyrocketed from one pair born out of every 53 live births in 1980 to one out of every 31 births in 2008.

  11. Was an early morning, having to pick up/take the “kids” for grooming. Fighting traffic at 8am and waiting for the salon to open meant I got home around noon.
  12. Also was able to pick up some clothes and shoes for the clothing drive! I had prepared reading materials in advanced but decided to just come home afterwards.
  13. Contemplated more on how to devise Amnesty Taiwan’s social media and wondered about my hesitation with human rights. Is it the term human rights that somehow trumps it over, well say, all things rights? To be treated with dignity and appreciated, cherished – from humans to plants, to animals to a pair of shoes or a teddy bear? I was surprised (but not really) to hear that there were topics we could not broach in Taiwan and I assume this is the same of many organizations around the world, depending on where they are and subjects of sensitivity.
  14. However, being left with topics of no sensitivity or importance, left some irrelevant topics as isn’t it which that discomforts us what we should face? Is there a reason then why the UN Women’s does not talk about forced sterilizations in China? (according to a tweeter). Is that true?
  15. More here, here, and opposed view that this is all false here on Reality Check.
  16. Brand journalism,
  17. Stateless Social,
  18. Peace, Freedom & Prosperity, agree and disagree as I was a lover of Ayn Rand and still am on many forms; but the application in reality is often thwarted by rule breakers and magics. Seems like we live in a paranoid state in where we are trying to protect ourselves from each other and ourselves. It’s all good and lovely when we are using logic and rational thinking, it’s all wonderful when we are trying to achieve happiness but does not mean at destroying others in our pursuit of selfishness, but there are casualities on the way.
  19. This afternoon after updating the above, continue to read more about this eco-shrimp proposal and another project someone is asking me to assist with. Sidetracked by a few urban legends out of Goleta and then searching found this report on porn.
  20. While I really enjoy working on various projects, learning, meeting, seeing pro-bono, it is time I buckled down to searching for something that pays the mortgage. It has been a bit difficult as the jobs in Asia are just not that green. It seems so much easier in America but I believe Asia needs to get on the track especially with the rise of the population in applying itself to be sustainable as soon as possible or the earth will burn out at an even more rapid pace.
  21. More fun on shrimps..sustainable..thoughts? I will need to read up on the shrimps links here, here, this walmart link, here, inspirational one here,
  22. and a robot farm!
  23. Had errands to run in the evening, including picking up a ton of clothing! I can only handle one more shipment honestly, and although today I felt a bit down and discouraged, I felt renewed strength in seeing the potential in the items.
  24. Picked up the kids and then back home to do some misc boring things like eat and then I watched Scott Pilgram Against the World flick on TV all the while searching up answers on the cast (bad of me to do that, multitask).
  25. Began reading some of the stances by politicians for the 2012 US elections and wondered how accurate this site was. Wondered why only Republicans and Democrats were listed and seriously, how can someone without a consistent record run? I mean for example right now Jon Hunstman seems to be heading towards a possible contender but most of his civil rights records are blank! And while Obama looks good on paper, how good is it in real life? One dimensional versus three dimensional, will we ever know unless the person is in power?
  26. Then I decided against Democracy Now! again and chose to read a long awaited Long Read gathered by Mother Jones. And Oh My God, enthralling! I couldn’t put it down!
  27. How the World Failed Haiti is a piece I will probably be doing a short review elsewhere, there are tidbits in it I just can’t refuse to question the ideology. Here’s a quick one

During the summer and fall of 2009, Mills dispatched several teams of experts to Haiti to assess the best investment options. They paid particular attention to a strategy drawn up by Oxford University economist Paul Collier, who maintained that with its low-paid workforce and loose labor regulations, Haiti could become a major supplier for the apparel industry. The ideas weren’t dissimilar from the policies that had been foisted on Haiti as far back as the Duvalier era. “That same model of T-shirt manufacturing was tried in the 1970s, and was an utter failure,” notes a U.N. official. “The entire model is based on paying people so little that it doesn’t activate the economy. It keeps the labor force subsisting, but there’s not enough surplus in their salaries to do more than keep their family alive.”

My first immediate reaction was to “loose regulations” seen as a POSITIVE, as an OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity to exploit people? This immediately brought to mind these HSBC ads that are everywhere. They simply put up an image and then label two to three different ways the same image can be seen via your point of view and here are two examples below.

I highly recommend the long read and it also mentions two of my hometowns which is so random. Has there ever been an article in which you will see Taiwan and Santa Barbara mentioned?

Might I also mention that in regards to the above on STUCK IN REPEAT I was reading, I asked the author a question on Chinese debt. He kindly responded! When I have more brainpower I will read his response and answer in clarity. You can feel free to read his response and do the homework first.

Also caught Jing Daily in irresponsible journalism again (and I’m not even trying to single them out man). First when browsing er for fun/work privacy policies, I realized they had PLACEHOLDER text on theirs. Called them out on twitter and within a day that was updated to a skeleton-al framework. Then today my feed showed images from “Japanese brand Superdry Debuts in Hong Kong” and I pointed out it’s a UK brand, not Japanese. People get confused because the brand utilized a bit of Japanese language characters to give it some sort of marketing vibe that I don’t get but has been very successful. Jing Daily quickly responded that they left out a word “inspired” which is bullocks but whatever, they changed it and I have one less notch respect for their fact checking and reports than I did before. Luxury news fucking up in comparisons to politicians lying – at least the luxury news updated to the truth which is bravo. Politicians and news outlets also need to get their shit together.