Consumption Experiment – Day Eight

by linwanwan

August 26th, 2011

Book in Hand – ANTHEM (completed!)

This was an early morning (5:30am) after sleeping late. Headed out to Taipei Main and transferred to the train, got back home at 1:30pm. At some point in between I had the chance to finish Ayn Rand’s ANTHEM, a book size that is very suitable for walking around the city with. The last time I was exposed to this book was when a friend read this to me in my teens and I was completely riveted. I could never get over the parting that ended in “them” learning “I”, “them” learning “EGO”

I had always held onto Ayn Rand and never saw a conflict with not being Republican. I want to re-read Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead and truly dissect Ayn Rand now that I’m older and have seen the world a bit more than when I was 16. I’ve never been fully able to accept any one credo put take the snippets for my own interpretation and it seems that my blind love for Ms. Rand has come to really …broad…plateau.

Looked at some vids sent regarding overfishing. tried to play Final Fantasy III a bit, I believe I’m much better at reading than watching videos as the recent DN failure to launch. Going to try to just go via podcast. Low consumption via internet today, more social interaction with live people.

After meeting with a dear friend in which we talked about charity work and volunteerism,

stopped by an photography exhibition titled Documented, Doubted, and Imagined Realities : Contemporary Photography from Japan and Taiwan, marveled at Chen Chieh-Jen and will look into him for more items, then followed by a rare dinner. I haven’t gone out to socially eat food in a long while. Completed by drinks of water and chat with a potential 嫂嫂 in her lovely cafe in Shida road.

Here are more of CHEN CHIEH JEN. Looking for that special Taiwanese man that does the same things.