Consumption Experiment – Day Nine

by linwanwan

August 27th, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND

Started with The Nation this morning, Arab Awakening. I now wonder as I continue to read editorials and articles about the same thing, pointing out the same problems, then so what. The blame has fallen on indicators and disenchanted youth, although if the wealth and social services are spread, people are happy.  Haven’t read through this, DEMOCRACY 101 but interested in the title. Who is permitted, in this day and age with parts of democracy freedoms eroding, to teach about democracy?

John Stewart on Obama, can’t recall if i posted the one he did on Ron Paul? Shows that

He’s so hilarious, starting to really enjoy his videos, toooo funny! The poor have refrigerators? Class warfare. I rarely watch Fox news and it’s so sad how it’s gone since the heyday of Married with Children.  Tar babies.
China still a military threat to Taiwan? What they’ve done is be strategic in this society of smiling with fingers crossed behind their back. Taiwanese identity has continued to rise in the US census.

On him, on globalization effects on marginalized society, Linchi executions, more, saw photography stills likened to this, is this here yet?

Would like next week to go back to a good isolation form and look back at some archives, books, family. Finish reviewing books.

New Longread week – only read those two last week and skipped the rest since was not interested. But to open my mind will this time read all I am not interested in to expand horizons…

After I got home from a live art performance at MOCA I read a Longread for this week on PARTNERS, Annals of Lawthat goes over Clarence Thomas, his spouse Ginni Thomas, and his strict interpretation of the Constitution. Interesting as I have not touched anything related to reading the Constitution since high school and then a class in University. The main concern for this article is also a heading in the title: Will Clarence and Virginia Thomas succeed in killing Obama’s health-care plan?

“I grew up with maids, and janitors, and yard people,” he told the students at Stetson. “It gives you a perspective on society. You’re looking from the bottom up, and how people see it from that direction. . . . You understand why people are angry or upset. You understand why they become rich soil for class envy and class hatred, or class warfare. You see how they become easy pickings for people who have snake-oil merchants for solving all their problems. But you develop a respect for them without condescension. You develop an attitude that we are all inherently equal regardless of who went to school and who did not—that there can be smart people who did not have any book learning and never had a chance.”

Thomas continued, “There’s a difference between being poor and being stupid. And you’re stupid for thinking that they’re stupid. As my granddaddy would say, you’re just an educated fool. . . . I am passionate about preserving liberty so that people can rise from that to go to the Supreme Court.” Thomas saw that he was getting worked up and paused with a small laugh. “My wife does this, too,” he said. “My wife is my best friend. I can rant with her. She doesn’t read opinions or anything. We believe that this is a good country and that people should have a chance. That’s why you see so many of my law clerks who don’t go to Ivy League schools. These are kids who tried hard and did well. Why don’t we reward them?”

After returning home I faced a feeling of ennui. At the time going out already have and although the live performance was wonderful, I would have preferred there was no one around. Three consecutive days of being surrounded by people and I was bored, I was tired, I was kaput. I needed to retire for some music and reading, some alone time. I no longer wanted to go out and smile or make eye contact. It’s refreshing but that term is dedicated to a once in a blue moon sort of activity. Once it has been fulfilled it’s over with. Only with the contrast of unrefreshing can I seek to find the term to be utilize yet again.