Consumption Experiment – Day Ten

by linwanwan

August 28th, 2011

Book in Hand: couldn’t find my BOOZEHOUND, have fallen behind since have been frequenting outdoor society. Must clean room, must find book.

Must recuperate from being too social past few days, exhaustion.

  1. Started off the day finished a Longread, last two paragraphs on Clarence Thomas,
  2. an inspiring success story about Finland schools,
  3. Randomly in inbox read on bartering in a restaurant. But if there still is such a high basis for capital needed ($200) and one is taking excessive crap people didn’t want anyways, what is the purpose? Could have should have bartered for things that are needed to make this a realistic model, no? It’s just bartering exchanging shit that one didn’t need anyways. At least some people are getting fed by getting rid of crap.
  4. Translated for Animals Taiwan, I should start writing an article for them as well!
  5. I put on some old podcasts, YOUNG AMERICA and wow what am I listening to? Listening to Sarah Palin right now, just listened to the ramblings of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. I tell you now,
  6. the SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA and YOUNG AMERICA are two vastly vastly different podcasts. The intro to Young America website vid is amazing, must watch! Reagan is God.
  7. Some reading on CHTHONIC reviews
  8. and the Amis tribe.
  9. Heaps on recycling and corruption,
  10. nukes in Taiwan,
  11. how to be a certified sustainable shrimp farm,
  12. in translation looked up canine distemper, cat aids,
  13. did some followup work for hosting Amnesty Taiwan event at TCAC,
  14. I LOVE NUKE event in Taiwan,
  15. anti-nuke in Taiwan,
  16. looked up 123studio,
  17. Taiwan visa status,
  18. my friend has the cutest homemade stuffs for her and her daughter, please check here!

I just registered my domains and .org… $20 some odd bucks of which I don’t have but will skip 3 meals because it’s so worth it!Trying to get it hosted by Taiwan Website Cooperative so hope that is forthcoming and I can begin designing what I’d like and offering member logins.

Also went to pick up the last of the clothing donations and was a bit overwhelmed lugging everything up to my apartment. But I came up with more avenues of “recycle” when I came across a book on studying for the GMATS, wanting to donate that to a free library in Tienmu. I don’t see it as applicable in a flea market and it’s 2008 so could still be of benefit to someone in Taiwan. Would be a shame to have it recycled so soon even though I think standardized tests are crap. Least I could do is ensure they stop making money, probably the reason why that nonsense is around!


After reading through the success story about Finland, I realized I’ve come a myriad of readings lately on whether the issue is to live to be oneself, or to be altruistic. Socialist? Marxist? The good of the many, the collective? I don’t find myself altruistic. If it comes to the submission of myself for others, it is for an obvious reason and unacceptable. But why isn’t the rationale and logic thing to do is want to save the environment and head for sustainable living? Does this not benefit, not profit us? What is the scheme of profit if in the end we are self destructed by it? I feel profited by it; that measure is not in terms of capitalism and I’m bored of applying to that any longer. I suppose the fear is that some of us might actually have to grow food instead of being able to have our “rights” to rather sit in front of a telly and watch it. In today’s practice of capitalism, this ponzi scheme, some has got to lose. Only if people were rationale to stop having more kids than they can feed and sustain, only if we all did our part in discovering that life and sustainable are also profitable, will we achieve happiness.

Then again you know there are those who love to destroy others, drama queens as they call it, but they actually find no solace in the act. What of those then? How do you live in a rationale world when others are not; or at least, no one is agreeing on which logic or rational to follow? Libertarian, Objectivism is all great but not so much when the same rules are not applied. Let’s all live on the Animal Farm. People will change laws. 有辦法退出江湖嗎? Let’s be realistic here. K. was right when she said that was for people who still lived in high school. Rand is my dream, but not a practicing reality.

I have come to this thinking that rarely do you find people who are passionate about the same things that you are. And I have offered help to anyone and often in most cases, received no response. This has happened several times this year. No rejection, just pure silence. When my motives and intentions are clear to myself at least, I guess the fact that they in the end do not need my assistance it’s a good thing.

Bringing to light reality, bringing to light my reality, essence of art? I want the ones that change, that challenge the realities rather than feed into ideologies already set into place. To break and challenge others. It’s beyond a way of looking from a different position but to blow that out of the water completely. Only when one comes to this realization of difference and reality can we evolve. Not all art is created equal in the sense of what drives me. That which interests me wants to break me.

Just decided to write out the purpose in clothing drive. i’m still trying to change the most minimal ways in people’s attitudes, perhaps to prolong the suffering of the earth with the weight of humans and what they have moved from the ‘wants’ column into their ‘basic needs’ columns.

1) Instilling a habit of people buying clothes to take a second look purchasing. Hopefully by sorting out clothes they can also assess if there was a need for this expenditure and burden on natural resources.  REDUCE.

2) Provide clothing for people in need. REUSE.

3) Instill a habit of RECYLING in people to think twice about their clothing before tossing.

4) Supports the youth and native Taiwanese population via 康樂福音教會 and 臺灣路竹會

5) Provides bedding and blankets for stray animals in Taiwan during the wintertime (Animals Taiwan)

6) Funnels remaining unwearable clothing to be recycled/reused into other items.