Consumption Experiment – Day Eleven

by linwanwan

August 29th, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND again as I found it in a eco-shopping bag I used a few days ago. I really should start working on reading this! And holy hell I realized I’ve been updating all the dates as JULY instead of AUGUST.

Today was a busy day, dedicated to working on my volunteer network site in sprucing it up, cleaning it up, writing out clearer mission statements, figuring out why flickr is so darn slow to update its feeds. Spent about 12 hours on wordpress!

Took a pic of clothing drive with my cute puppy on top so everyone can see the scale. Having dogs makes everything cuter, brighter in life yes?


  1. Looked up orphanage info,
  2. people wanting to volunteer,
  3. volunteering in Taiwan,
  4. fish on floors,
  5. dogs leaving to die alone,
  6. 7 things dogs should not eat,
  7. my pup’s golden years,
  8. expensive dog breeds but I think this link is not accurate at all!
  9. read up about KMT’s Diane Lee’s dual citizenship, realized how interesting it was to read the case a few years ago saying how’d she’d get off…and she did!
  10. pressurized egg therapy, a cheat for sports?
  11. global gen x
  12. NSFW American Apparel controversy and here
  13. Spent a bit of time setting up a flickr account – mainly spend time trying to figure out why the feed was retarded, sent in feedback
  14. checked out some .org sites and while I loved this sparked site first time I went, I’m asking questions about it now, probably because I’m trying do the opposite, some tips made by an amazing woman who spends her time doing webinars for free
  15. gallery event, KARAOKE
  16. looked up 104 to get ideas for my website on language proficiency and knowing now I need to really get a move on the aspect of pushing this site to the next level,
  17. celebrity gossip because i like the way he writes
  18. why go green, here, here
  19. an idiot post about why people should hire entrepreneurs, reminds me of the book a friend loaned me (still have sorry!) YOUR MARKETING SUCKS – because people actually forget a corporation’s goal is to make money. ROI baby. Forgets that it’s at any costs, right? which is why it’s hard for me to say i do marketing because it seems so destructive most of the time.
  20. Cosmetics in green for those who wear.
  21. Continue my foray into wordpress, figuring out the stats on this as well.


i need to dedicate more time to sprucing up a few twitter sites, one for amnesty taiwan eng and the other for my volunteer site. i wish there was one application in which i can decide which account to tweet to? anyone? thanks!