Consumption Experiment Day Thirteen

by linwanwan

August 31st, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND and GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I plan on cutting internet despite emails, short so I can snuggle with Mythology. Stayed up a bit last night re-reading some classics as my dad arrived with a box of books I prepacked; 30 oldies but goodies,  a few I haven’t touched.

Woke up early at 7 after sleeping for 5 hours but felt refreshed. I celebrated three birthdays today – one was my father’s, after he discovered he was born on August 31st. It’s a complicated family history but despite many past generations on my dad’s side stated as people of Hsinchu (Taiwan), my grandfather who was born in 1894 was disenchanted with the Japanese colonial rule over Taiwan that began in 1895. He rebelled vigorously throughout his youth, believing that only the Taiwanese should rule Taiwan and not any colonial masters, and moved around Asia. Thus my uncles and aunts were born in different cities. Having also lived in China, my grandfather soon came to realize that China had far more corruption than the Japanese and that Taiwan was still his beloved home and moved back.

When he did come back to his motherland, midst of WWII, records were in disarray and anyways some papers such as my 2nd uncle’s exact birth date were lost and my father was registered under the one he’s used for over 70 years. My grandfather also worked for the Japanese and then subsequently rebelled against the KMT when they took over Taiwan. If not for his “關係“ in which he got pardoned, he would have rotted in some nice prison for dissent against the Nationalists. I plan to read more of my grandfather’s carefully written notes and know more about his path and also about Taiwan’s tumultuous history. So far reads out like a long drama, with one of my aunts falling sick from TB during her studies in a Japanese university. My grandfather went to Japan to bring her back to Taiwan and she passed away. My uncle-in-law while on a trip back to Taiwan from Fukien, his passenger ship was bombed by a US aircraft leaving his very young sons fatherless.

On other clicked news, Climate cycles linked to civil war, just the roughs on globalization, marriage+divorce rates, face-saving in Taiwan politics in front of foreign adversary (why doesn’t the government listen to their own people and need for foreigners to point out and write letters before resolving anything?), another piece on why US needs Taiwan but honestly I read first paragraph and I quit. Because I don’t need anyone to tell me who I am and if we are just serving as pawns in some scheme then what? This type of article disgusts me because people are no longer people, just put in the view of whether they are useful or not. Yet when I say this directly about a person, people get OFFENDED. Yeah, weird right?

Did a couple segments of Democracy Now! in 15 minute-ish spurts and it was delicious. Everytime I end up watching DN I’m always invigorated! Cheney and his book, climate change and the recent surges of weather catastrophes, widow of an Army Ranger and how she confronted Rumsfeld who “heard about that”, saving some in NYC but not others (prisoners) during Irene, climate patterns with war. I was interested by Solomon Hsiang, not just for his report but his last name. If it’s an Asian name, it interested me how Amy Goodman pronounced it compared to how I would usually hear it if it’s attached to an Asian guy.

I spend most of my time reading through snippets from tweets as most people have summarized a life and event in the number of characters allotted. Wikileaks about 2006 booboo killing massacre by US – Iraq Civilian family, bus route for tomorrow, monday’s DN! headlines SEEDIQ BALE, a Taiwanese movie that was labeled as Taiwan, China; then recently Chinese Taipei, and today came to light that under the Venice International Film Festival has finally just left it as country, Taiwan.

Results of Taiwan’s presidential campaign via 2004, 2008, looked for baby girl names, some embezzelements and DPP, ODE magazine, green scissors, Keystone Pipeline ordeals.

Tried to get some people together for Saturday’s Animal Taiwan event, need followup on the space for Amnesty Taiwan tomorrow, need to figure out some discussion topics when we meet on Friday, need read through shrimp items again as also have meeting early Friday, had an offer to be an account for these really very talented Japanese graphic designers, a media/marketing plan kinda for the US on Taiwan, finding volunteers for flea market and someone to go do audio edits with me, still need to visit the orphanage but I’m booked through Sunday.

Responded to stuffs and looked at breads and cereals…time to read and rest.