Consumption Experiment – Day Fourteen

by linwanwan

September 1, 2011

Book in hand: Mythology

After staying up to watch X-Men First Class I have to admit no matter what anyone says, I do enjoy the franchise. I loved the animated series when I was younger and other than a few casting objections, like the flicks. Another 5 hours of sleep and I woke up to read a few feed from my FB.

I have attempted to not read my twitter feeds, chockfull of subscription to news feeds, in the morning.

China binding South Sea agreement, people getting boners over a chance to join Chinese State Council Information Office, vetting process of the CIA revealed, Goodwin Liu to the CA Supreme Court, David Lynch’s Paris club, fellow monks going to jail because of a their brother setting himself on fire (overlooking the reasons of course), those that were at the front line of response to 9/11 denied an invite to the 10th Anniversay (the way police, firefighters, military, etc often are when they’re no longer ‘useful’), TRA Taiwan Relations Act needing reinforcements, Taiwan cracking down on freedom of speech, SHAME ON TAIWAN, more on CEOs earning more than what their companies paid in taxes, the Nutrifresh take off, integration of music in FB?

Spent a good 8 hours sorting out the donated clothes with two other, very dear, compassionate, kind people. These girls even came to cook me lunch before we started! It was so sweet and the food was delicious. One of the new gals I met today is from the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps so it was really nice to find someone else who also shares the same passion about doing charity work.

I counted almost 600 pieces of items (pairs of shoes count as one) from belts, footwear, dresses, pants, and the majority were tops. Mainly female pieces this time around – this fluctuates as people are generally pretty good about heeding the call of what items I need. There are less and less socks/underwear which is also a good sign.

Doing a bit of reading now about the death penalty, to get ready for tomorrow. But just starting to brainstorm some ideas on how to fund my charitable endeavors that’s sinking my non-existence financial structure without having to work in either streetwear/fashion/footwear or luxury again.

There was even an older IBM laptop this time! A few items that I will be shifting for Animals Taiwan flea market.