Consumption Experiment – Day Fifteen

by linwanwan

September 2, 2011

Book in hand: Boozehound, Mythology, Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol

Busy day, read a bit of feeds but forgot that every link I read via twitter or facebook stream is not saved into the history of my mobile. So there goes that source but it was definitely a productive/unproductive clutter read day in the morning.

Then headed out to a meeting at the Sheraton regarding a sustainability project that might be interesting to me, still considering it in this time of lack of funds. Right after headed over to Amnesty Taiwan and had a nice meeting, met a few people, seemed to have possibly committed myself to more projects which is fine as I find learning so fun these days. Just hope I don’t get overwhelmed and do not have time to fulfill my promises. Also met a few good people from New School for Democracy although I do not agree on every point and mission in this article.

Realized in discussing such serious topics, my Chinese skills are suckies. I’m much better now in the industries I’ve worked in but obviously need to brush up on my communication skills, going to re-commit myself to learning a couple terms but hopefully this will all come around.

Taiwanese indigenous crafts and tours! Watching some nice police brutality, lovely wrong prison sentences, the great judicial system in Taiwan videos, Cheney talks and Goodman writes, great corporate loopholes and some DN such as BlackerDecker paying $32 million to its CEO and receiving $75 million tax refund great CEO pay 325:1 ratio to avg worker, check out Executive Excess 2011: The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging ; China’s internet trying to encourage silence, I love The Superficial, Seediq review, wrote a fair amount of emails to get re-started with some non-profits in seeing what they are up to.