Consumption Experiment – Day Seventeen

by linwanwan

September 4th, 2011

Book in hand: Mythology, BOOZEHOUND

After I pick up my car today, I need to spend some quality time reading and making a cohesive agenda for the week as I have projects and commitments piling up! This includes on how to proceed with the sexuality project in November as my head is already turning some hamster wheels on the forthcoming development.

Tried to read some green policies in Taiwan here, here, and skimmed first paragraph of Mother Jone’s recommended Long Reads  this one the American Drug Lord in Acapulco ought to be a quick read. Someone invited me to an event this coming week regarding the San Francisco Peace Treaty, pics of undies, Fabio,.

*** quick sleep of a few hours

*** drop off van, pick up car, brought along a pup to meet with a great friend. Wonderful chat wonderful criticism and analysis of the world. Met up again with her other half and it was amazing that I just realized her sister actually farms at her organic goods and sells this produce! All this time I was searching for someone to link me and and she was right next to me, actually her sister showed up at the flea market the previous night. I knew that this world was amazing in so many ways and sometimes we overlook the good that is happening all around us so close. Got into some deep ideas about this new finding since I was so inspired. I want to bring this to the next level in teaching the community especially children about organic produce and food. They said there are plans of opening a place for the goods and I was right onboard and ideas just flowed out of my head on how to write this up, doing interviews, drawing attention in various sites, organizing committees and educational classes. Wow!

Returning home:

Music needs to get politically charged, don’t panic go organic cry, finding Organic Consumers a very interesting site with tons of links I want to read but I shouldn’t until I get other tasks done. My mind is overflowing with tangents, webs, tentacles! Checked out this gorgeous gift I got from S.Y – for returning her adorable poodle back to her after he went missing! She also donated generously to the clothing drive! You know that when you open yourself and your heart up in compassion, you will attract the right types of entities. Like a puppy that goes missing and only wants to be back home.

Looked up some linkedin groups on activism, not a good green week for Obama or the environment, killed off the EPA, giving ethical fashion a chance – what think of such?

Designer Carrie Parry, a graduate of the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London, works with artisans from Eastern India — where she sources silk — to the Indian Himalayas. And as EFF says, “Carrie Parry achieves a timeless style rooted in sustainability and wearability.” We couldn’t agree more.

I’m going to give this more of a read and then see how I feel. Also returning some emails on farming, gauging and pacing myself.