Consumption Experiment – Day Sixteen

by linwanwan

September 3rd, 2011

Book in hand: Mythology, BOOZEHOUND

Morning caught up on a lot of emails. Read a bit about Taiwan Pink Dolphins trying to see how I can start a petition to draw more awareness to this, more on The Gentle Barn, Afrika Bambaataa ‘s Perfect Beat, then rushed out the door to volunteer for Animals Taiwan.

Luck would have it that I missed the freeway exit and almost headed to SanChong; then looped around somehow back to Taipei City and then to the AT office. From 1:30 till 11:30 I was somehow engaged with this event, rough day, very hot day. When I drove the AT van back to the office the main gate was padlocked and I did not have the key. Ended up having to crawl through an opening to return one of the handicapped dogs that came to the event and drove the van home. Need to go pick up my car tomorrow. Home to take care of my own pups and then read through items, get ready for snooze and hope I don’t wake up again at 7:30am?!

Gave a bit of thought on volunteer work and feeling the pinch of financing this endeavor and necessity to focus my resources and time. Had a good chat with some very dear friends (my ex-worker) after the event. Without the support of just a few of these close people, don’t know where I’d be. Home?