Consumption Experiment – Day Eighteen

by linwanwan

September 5th, 2011

Trying to piece together a meeting with Amnesty International Taiwan regarding a volunteer network, this ought to be a wonderful opportunity to help out and also get to know more!

I also came to realize I have serious control issues in my life. My dad moved my books around and freaked out. When a few books moved five feet can being enrage and thoughts of murder of the world ending, I know something is amiss.

I have just committed myself to no more new organizations this week until I finish up some promised tasks. This includes writing petitions for dolphins and the death penalty. While there does not seem to be a need for volunteers regarding Pink Dolphins, perhaps educating oneself is the first step so volunteers will be ready for action when the need rolls around. I am going to try to update one activity a week for HOS.

Need to return the call to Salt & Light also, not sure if there will be anyone interested in transferring/editing audio with me.

Absolutely inspired today on various things – thoughts of helping indigenous tribes via exposure without selling out, visible international profile and help on where they need it in the current generation, not just saving the culture but seeing what needs to be done in current problems (esp what I’ve heard of alcohol abuse? how do we help this, lessen??)

Never Tear Us Apart by INXS is soooo good.

Exposure for Taiwan hopefully can run via on all the platforms I’m working off of and should be a vibrant link, network in educating people who know nothing about this place, even believing this may be “Thai”land?

**awaken with a kink, few hours of sleep but going good!

Some editorial on the KMT but this is purely opinion piece, no pointing to any specific stats, I’m starting to wonder ok what exactly is democracy?  China tried to sell arms to Gadhafi, Chinese brands are unknown because of State ownership, some paid volunteer management workshop, Taiwanese kids being taught fake history, an even greater way for countries to become completely dependent on one another,

If Taiwan selects not to fight for itself; then Taiwan should not exist. Isn’t it that simple? If you do not value or treasure something, then you are bound to lose it and you should be fine with that reasoning.

Isn’t it odd how we can deem corporations to be protected as people; but in regards to countries we barely treat them like people?

Long interview with Yates regarding Taiwan, especially interesting is regarding the UN, prostitution in Taiwan, I mean would prostitution exist if there wasn’t a demand for it by men who feel some sort of jolly in paying a woman rather than having to engage in anything meaningful by trying to obtain her sex?

have I mentioned i hate it when people touch my things? The feeling that is out of control for the few things you can control in life seem to be crucial.

Went through a freedom of speech vs hate speech loop, a sensitive subject especially if it regards things that you do not personally want to hear or is offensive to you.