Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty One

by linwanwan

September 8, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND and MYTHOLOGY. I don’t foresee finishing books this week, maybe this weekend?

Toronto International Film Festival

Murder for Breakfast

Demos Chiang promoting his book and saying he doesn’t want to be part of politics; the most shocking thing he said was in talking about the benefits of having a mixed heritage (his grandmum is Russian) is that he inherited genes to be “taller and white (paler skin)” – can one imagine saying that elsewhere? Imagine Obama saying he’s glad he got got whiter skin!

Atayal Art Workshop – another workshop by Malinda

Democracy Now! the detention centers – human rights watch groups finding a link between the CIA sending prisoners to Libya knowing they would be tortured, uhm.

I read the feeds but I can’t stand the animation for Next Animation. Belgian govt shutdown and I wonder if it’s cuz they don’t have to work what with making money from the Chinese (selling diamonds and whatnot)

PRC view on some consensus, wait, Ma agreed to the term “Chinese Taipei” what a shock since his party was the one that created it? Doubts of ECFA impact (thanks to wikileaks a lot of fatty goods for the media heads here to chew on)

Abuse in Afghan prisons. I saw the Murdoch blah on the news today and in searching for an article link to post – jesus. It’s like every other week a title says that the Murdochs knew much more than they let on about phone hacking. No shit? And we’re still continuing this media circus and people’s time in persecuting his guilt?

I finally finished the petition for the Pink Dolphins and sent it off to be approved! Hopefully can secure a few signatures! Petition will be up here

Now onto the Death Penalty, starting to read various sides of it here, here and wondered how to get people interested in the subject. Is there a way to introduce a quick clip and begin dialogue? Encourage dialogue? More deaths around the globe! Sad. Read a few more petitions, here, save some dolphins, here, here, here.

Some Karen Finley audio, so good even though I have this on mp3. Students for Free Tibet, updating myself on hairy crabs, someone recommended this Yale World Fellow program to me, celeb gossip (im not into blake lively, give me the brunette instead!)

INXS on repeat!

Obama continuing shitty things for our civil liberty, thanks! Also blocking Palestine statehood! QUASHING statehood bid! “If President Obama said it, he must have meant it” oh my goodness, I’m sorry – have you seen America? Ha! Plus who is really angry at Obama as The Nation’s Ari Melber explains some surprising data: Liberals and Democrats are still giving Obama historically high approval numbers. What the hell? So have Republicans become insane, Democrats are Republicans, Liberals are moderate/right Democrats? Right then? That sounds like it. Yeah.

Some music, Mr. Pharmacist, some psychobilly, some industrial, some The Cranes! Teenage Kicks! I am loving Aus Rotten more and more. I reckon in general I love songs that speak about activism, it’s such a turn on! I don’t know the definition of extreme except that it goes against the “now” but who has deemed the “now” good and viable?