Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty

by linwanwan

September 7, 2011

Having fallen behind for past few days so will backtrack the history as best as I can for yesterday and today later on. A lot of random clicking and reading done today as well as updated a volunteer project for Amnesty International who basically needs a website set up.

Started looking into the Pink Dolphin petition and will finish tomorrow. Some video as well, not fond of the introduction.

Oliver Hangl, here

Celebrity Gossip and more

iLion cleanup event

Articles regarding Green Jobs here and here

Tiger Airways flights

Checked out what is all the fuss about Google Doodle and Freddy Mercury

Heaps of wikileaks regarding Taiwan albeit nothing surprising. Just politicians hating each other – shock? President Ma and his green card debacle

Went to an interesting event regarding Taiwan Independence. Wanted to see all sides so decided to check this out and observe the topic and also the audience members.

For all that I read about Taiwan’s sovereignty, let me tell everyone that it does not mean I am pro-DPP. Just as I am definitely not a Democrat. Nothing is so easily divided and people simplify matters, losing in their compromise. As someone stated, it is easier to pick on the KMT and also Republicans because their blunders are so ridiculous.

When someone asks me which artists I like I can never select one and I realized it is because I rarely like all the songs of an artist. I usually like one song by an artist and can only concur and agree to liking that song – but to generalize this that I love the artist or the genre, is wrong. I can’t help that I divide things so clearly.

As I have been obsessed with one track from INXS the past two days, I searched the beejesus out of him, including a strut down memory lane on Paula Yates, the tumultuous affair and relationship AND death. It is amazing how much Geldof loved her despite her extramarital dabblings and chose to raise her and Michael Hutchence daughter as his own.

Read up on Unknown Hinson because of Talk American pointed out by a uber conservative saying we should all culturally assimilate.

UN Peacekeepers raping people in Haiti

Some odd articles in the Taipei Times, one regarding woman getting off heroin (Guardian)

Also big is the latest debate on shark fin, let’s hope this continues and can be applied to a myriad of other food varieities.