Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Two

by linwanwan

September 9, 2011

Tried to wake up earlier today and get started. Did get a weak sauce jog in.

  1. Monsanto Denies Superinsect Science
  2. Coolio Gangsta Paradise!
  3. Students for a Free Tibet
  4. Ethnic Minorities in China
  5. Review of Want Want media bid, older article
  6. China’s Good Samiritans
  7. 6 year old of Chinese activist denied an education
  8. Tough! Rejected offer to be a VP for DPP
  9. Wikileaks on Ma’s naivete
  10. Using ECFA to push China annexation of Taiwan? SHOCK.
  11. Another on Chinese preferring send children overseas duh
  12. Fetus killing via car
  13. Execution of a man turned to applause by Rick Perry
  14. Dalai Lama & Nobel Laureates Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline
  15. China water resettlement: ‘Honest folk have lost out’
  16. China paper tells U.S. “madmen” not to play with fire
  17. Herman Cain responds to Obama’s speech: “We waited 30 months for this?”
  18. Slavery Scandal in China
  19. Obama Denies Engaging In ‘Class Warfare’

    This seems like a critical passage: the President appealing to “simple math” over ideology.

    So we can reduce this deficit, pay down our debt, and pay for this jobs plan in the process. But in order to do this, we have to decide what our priorities are. We have to ask ourselves, “What’s the best way to grow the economy and create jobs?” Should we keep tax loopholes for oil companies? Or should we use that money to give small business owners a tax credit when they hire new workers? Because we can’t afford to do both. Should we keep tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires? Or should we put teachers back to work so our kids can graduate ready for college and good jobs? Right now, we can’t afford to do both. This isn’t political grandstanding. This isn’t class warfare. This is simple math. These are real choices that we have to make. And I’m pretty sure I know what most Americans would choose. It’s not even close. And it’s time for us to do what’s right for our future.

  20. Killing Joke time! Death and Resurrection!
  21. Aus Rotten – Do you know where their children are? Makes me want to write a few children stuffies…like Do you fear for your child, Kill the Children Save the Food,
  22. Explicit references to Children ( “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by GNR does not count)
  23. Kill the Children, Save the Food – G.G Allin, Do you fear for your Child – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Do you know where their Children are – Aus Rotten, veering off to Green Child (COIL), veering off to The Green Child by Herbert Edward Read
  24. Made a small post: Some explicit references to Children ( “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by GNR) does not count. from me music.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult– an apparent anthem that was imbued into me at an early age as I discovered this year when my friend pulled out the record and I realized the first time I heard it was from her as well, 15 years ago when she would play it for her mom. I love this song and they are one of my bestest groups with a number of songs I enjoy.Aus Rotten has a few really excellent songs, love the lyrics and the anger that rips through. I came to terms in recent times that I’m not a huge punk fan. There are very few songs I enjoy from the genre; there are no genres I am completely in love with. Rather, I like specific songs from specific artists, regardless of the genre. I do enjoy Aus Rotten. But I do love me some anarchists, the ones that really understand what conventions they are breaking and what they are striving for. It’s not the (A) symbol.The always controversial G.G Allin who pushes the terminology punk to the edge; uncomfortable and at odds with what it should have stood up for. Reverse on here – I actually enjoy the melodic talent of G.G Allin. Lyrics are worth a look. Confrontational and equal-hate opportunist.

    if your goal is to smear your non-conformity on the face of the man, (for whatever reason) where do you stop? Do you draw the line at shocking fashion such as mohawks and tattoos and loud music? Do you draw the line at violence towards others? Or do you draw the line at acts people consider disgusting on the most primal level: shitting yourself, drinking your piss and singing lyrics that violate the most basic moral codes that humanity has ever designed? Around GG, many punks became prudes. Because they saw that the ultimate act of rebellion was not just doing things that the mainstream consider repulsive, but doing things you, yourself, find repulsive.

    Nothing much to be said about COIL except they are awesome. My first introduction into industrial music with some beautiful soothing sounds and impactful lyrics. I’m irrevocably biased for them.

    Do you fear for your Child – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult 

    The crazy’s demanding to shut out the daylight

    Soldiers are dancing on rotting empires

    TV disease is making us tired

    Death struts the streets

    It’s high on the bile

    Do you fear for your child

    Do you fear for your child

    Do you fear for your child

    You look up to God

    You find Venus di Milo

    You lose your soul

    And you lose your style

    You talk to the world

    When it lies in a pile

    You talk to the dogs

    To the trees you exile

    Do you know where their Children are – Aus Rotten

    No human beings should have to live like this

    Yet you know where their children are,

    You see the pain and the suffering from your lavishly furnished materialistic shithole

    You cry crocodile tears for the poor wretched children

    That inhabit the two-minute time slot between your favorite sitcoms

    That seem to make everything better

    Who should you care, after all, they’re not your children for now!

    Kill the Children, Save the Food – G.G Allin

    Kill the children, save the food

    They’re nothin’ but a bunch of black jigaboos

    Save you’re money, let ’em die

    So we can snort dope and get fuckin’ high


    veering off to  

    Green Child – COIL

    “In fifteen minutes, the future will be famous”

    veering off to

    The Green Child by Herbert Edward Read (book)

  25. Taipei ideal for business, holiday travel: magazine
  26. Latest Democracy Now! Looks of talk about Obama’s job, taxes, loopholes, pointing to Warren Buffet. Obama is a brilliant orator and I hope he can come through? WTC is currently empty other than the China Center that pushes for advances of China business interests, if the bills push enough, the new WTC building cost $3.3 billion! Now 9/11 related health issues. This runs in the background. Reminds me I should read one of the books I got – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. 17-19% HIGHER for those around 9/11 calamities than those who were not present. Could be lots more as for lung cancer, takes almost 3 decades for this to come up. Wow….
  27. 5 minute promo reel for Seediq Bale
  28. Obama Jobs Speech Changes Conversation / The Nation
  29. Canadian PM to defend Israel no matter what
  30. Israel – Palestinian Conflict
  31. 9/11 White Elephant – WTC paid for by toll payers from Jersey! And paid to outsourced companies – the Germans and Chinese. Yes, we need jobs right?
  32. What? Fired for telling people you can get free voter IDs in Wisconsin?
  33. Reading up on capitalism, here, here, free market, mixed economy, need to re-read my notes from university.
  34. US record number of millionaires.
  35. More celeb gossip
  36. The Onion House Condescendingly Approves $400 In Added Stimulus
  37. Re-reading a Taiwanese girl’s POV on the death penalty. It’s something I’m actually sorting out for myself too.