Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Three

by linwanwan

September 10th, 2011

One day off of 9/11, and already past the SF Peace Treaty. Pretty darn close to Mid Autumn Festival and I just remembered since I was going to redeem a ticket but probably won’t make it before the 16th because now everyone is on holiday. Blah!

Headed out early to get those yoga classes completed and volunteer at the flea market again. It was a slooow day with the long weekend, so donations were less than 1% of normal Saturdays. Wow! Met an acquaintance that friend introduced in regards to proactivism in Taiwan, esp for “green” and wonder at times when I should take offense to things. Also procured a huge bag of fresh organic veggies my friend’s sister grew! So amazing and I can’t wait to relish in their freshness and try them out the rest of the week! I believe there is something worthwhile in this endeavor and want to draw people’s attention to the changes they can make in their own lives. Maybe I can barter off myself for a bag of veggies a week !

Got home after 11pm, there is no DN! today due to the broadcasting taking place M-F USA time. However, Mother Jone’s LongReads for the week are in my inbox. More exploration of G.G Allin…he intrigues me.