Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Four

by linwanwan

September 11,2011

The Onion! Pope forgives molested children

Married with Children ep

Checked on SH visa


Adam Smith

Vision Youth Action

GOP flowchart

more tax equal happiness

o’brien phone loss

slept around 3am, thanks to lovely married with children and just overall lack of interest in sleep. vivid dreams, one of the scenes included my darling schnauzer flying through the rain, his fur tufted up like an aladdins rug.

to help or not to help? cholera outbreak in haiti caused by international community? more here. sometimes you gotta say, fuck the UN. it’s like a high school club of cunts. pardon my french.

This has infuriated many Haitians, not least because the troops that have been occupying the country since 2004 do not have any legitimate reason to be there. (Haiti has no civil conflict or other legal justification for this large-scale UN military presence). The saddest thing is that since it has reached a critical mass in Haiti, cholera has now become endemic to the country and will continue to kill Haitians for many years. It wasn’t intentional, but it was gross negligence on the part of the UN and they ought to be held responsible. For starters, the UN could take the $875m it is spending annually on this unwanted military occupation – nine times what it has raised for the cholera epidemic – and put it into treatment and prevention.

plus the US wonders why it gets attacked? the fact is that if the population does not know and does not take accountability for what its politicians enact into law, then ALL of us should suffer the outcome. Apparently we’d rather topple governments instead of utilizing the appropriated ‘aids’ and funds to HELP them.

Prevention is ultimately the most effective way to reduce the toll of the disease and to eventually eliminate it, but for this Haiti needs water treatment facilities and delivery systems. These were urgent public health needs even before the cholera outbreak, to prevent other water-borne diseases. There were plans to build them in the mid-90s, with hundreds of millions of dollars in loans promised by multilateral lenders, but it never happened; then, international aid was cut off in a US-led effort from 2000-2004 to topple the elected government. The result contributed to the deaths we are seeing today. But even now that aid has been pledged and disbursed since the earthquake, we have not seen any water or sanitation infrastructure being built.

from the other link really questions what is human rights i want to say…really, do we?

respecting all of our human rights—including the right to food, the right to decent housing and sanitation, the right to health, the right to potable water, the right to education and the right to security.”

the profusion of NGOs—and some have estimated that Haiti, a veritable Republic of NGOs, has more of them per capita than any other country in the world—has not led to adequate progress in provision of basic services to all who need them nor to a functioning safety net for the poorest. Case in point: over 85% of primary and secondary education in Haiti is private, and Haiti is, as mentioned, plagued by illiteracy; over 500,000 school-age children were not in school prior to the earthquake.

This is a winner and so true for Taiwan. Wake-up call to idealists.

“Beginning in 2000, the U.S. administration sought, often quietly, to block bilateral and multilateral aid to Haiti, having an objection to the policies and views of the administration of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, elected by over 90% of the vote at about the same time a new U.S. president was chosen in a far more contested election”

US trying to topple Haiti back in the day

Indeed, those who are questioning the administration about Haiti are being smeared as naive and unpatriotic. Aristide himself is being smeared with ludicrous propaganda and, most cynically of all, is being accused of dereliction in the failure to lift his country out of poverty.

In point of fact, this U.S. administration froze all multilateral development assistance to Haiti from the day that George W. Bush came into office, squeezing Haiti’s economy dry and causing untold suffering for its citizens. U.S. officials surely knew that the aid embargo would mean a balance-of-payments crisis, a rise in inflation and a collapse of living standards, all of which fed the rebellion.

Another tragedy in this episode is the silence of the media when it comes to asking all the questions that need answers. Just as in the war on Iraq’s phony WMD, wherein the mainstream media initially failed to ask questions about the administration’s claims, major news organizations have refused to go to the mat over the administration’s accounts on Haiti.

Haiti OUCH – 6 questions for bandwagon sympathizers and their hypocrisy, quite lovely to read through!

why stopping the popular democratically elected official from returning to Haiti?

Disagree at the below, unfortunately it’s not “rarely” rather it’s “frequent” “often” “every day” “again”!

Rarely has an episode so brilliantly exposed Santayana’s famous aphorism that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

faust wins at venice

friend buying jacket for sis

at a loss about israel


reading some old feeds from a junior high school classmate, wonderful! i only wish i had gotten to known her better when we were in school, love her news quips.

Company on happy cows and chickens

Burning Man FAQS, love the one regarding doggies! Mutant vehicles.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: No. Dogs are not allowed. Your dog is already largely free from the strictures of mainstream American culture, and therefore does not need to have its mind blown at Burning Man.

Kids playing outside on their rules – so important!

PR post 9/11 – Collin Powell regretting being at the helm under false information. It’s really interesting, finally someone who regrets and has taken blame for his part in Iraq.

Powell made the case for war with Iraq at the United Nations.

On behalf of the administration, Powell said Saddam Hussein was trying to buy raw material from Africa to build nuclear weapons and he gave an elaborate description of an Iraqi weapons programme, that as it turned out, never existed.

Now, Powell says the US government got it wrong.

In part one of a two-part interview, Al Jazeera’s Tony Harris sat down with Powell to talk about his regrets at being the face of false intelligence.


stop transfer animals from shelters austin to houstin – higher kill rate 

ford pushing marketing on being against bailout money

what is this camp david order? – need to take time to read, sidetracked by Haiti tabs!!

US stronger after 9/11 attacks….

Cheng Nan Jung …. here too, how amazing. what a sacrifice, what a martyr who died for freedom. I love that it doesn’t matter your supposed background (yes you can be of Chinese origin) – breaks the stupid stereotype!

INXS live Never Tear Us Apart

This fired me up – the oddest things Instead of BBQ, local governments offer green, bizarre alternatives. Because WHY put the word BIZARRE? Taiwan is admirable though in its efforts.

Go Seediq Bale! Events taking place in 1930s in Taiwan … yes while the ROC had it’s history elsewhere, people in Taiwan were still struggling. I reckon people are always struggling somewhere.

Go Yani!

Admirable but don’t Taiwanese native kids needs library and literacy in English too?

Art making its way to kids around the island, so good!


Something is amiss, I don’t feel right. Anyways, finished uploading a few pics from Malinda’s amazinnnng photo workshop! I’ll be writing up one for her next art workshop taking place on 9/24 in case someone wants to head over too. The best way to know something is to get directly involved.

Should read into this post and this on 911

Uploading old pics, trying to decide whether to head to HK or Shanghai and coordinating places to stay, wondering if to write up a volunteer outreach for AI, I think I’m going to have to read up a bit more.

Uh oh, what is this? More broadcasting to fill my noggins?

Jon Stewart F the Poor – old clip that MoveOn stated is a crowd favorite. More JS on Republicans debate during a day when Obama wanted to give a speech on jobs.

So much 911 items.