Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Eight/Twenty Nine

by linwanwan

September 15 & 16th, 2011

It seems kind of like I’m cheating since I traveled to HK these days so was not able to consume anything online. I actually had to interact with people!

Headed to HK on the bus and ended up missing my KA flight, the first flight I’ve ever missed in my life, despite having traveled the amount I have and having had butt crack early flights. Good thing I caught another flight pretty soon and headed to Causeway Bay to meet up with some Singaporean friends from Phunk Studio; then met with a decade old friend I hadn’t seen in 5 years; later on dinner with two HK based pals and then met up with the Phunk boys again.

The next day on the 16th they gave a presentation at the HK Design Institute for Herman Miller. Missed it! Happened in on another woman thanking them, she started hers, ended, then onto Eames presentation. Saw the exhibition, lunch at Central courtesy again of the kind generous guys, then bus’d to the HK airport only to have my flight delayed for 2.5 hours. Home, sent out a bunch of emails in coordinating the 10/10 event, slept and woke up a few hours later for a conference call but that leaks into the 17th….