Consumption Experiment – Day Thirty

by linwanwan

September 17th, 2011

And today is the final day. I wonder if I should keep it up for another few days…

Anyways just a few hours sleep and then a conference call with someone in Seattle launching a project for Taiwan/America. Sounds quite interesting and possibly a bit of work so will have to cut down other projects. I have an inkling of how I’d like to coordinate the project. Crazy rush, 40 min concall, ran out the door.

Then a dash to Taipei Main Station for an organized clean up day, sponsored by Uni-President – Clean up the World Protect Taiwan 清潔地球 環保台灣. For a bit of cleaning you can redeem a hot cup of Joe (bring your own coffee cup) at 7-11. I don’t drink coffee but had been interested to look into volunteering for the environment. Meet up at 8am, the start time took forever as this was focused on being a press event for the corporation. The actual cleaning was just about 30-40 minutes; I had expected 3-4 different site shifts but it was just one. Good though, because I was not fully prepared since when I ran out the door realized my black t-shirt was a wee bit too snug.

I normally do not spit out gum randomly but let me tell you now, definitely never again the future. Until you are scraping gum off the pavement, you do not know how damaging and difficult these bad boys are. I can see why Singapore has banned these critters! Getting on your knees with a row of other volunteers in 30 degree C is tough, thankfully we were in the shade. Very inspiring to see so many groups of people including those who brought their kids. I think it’s a great lesson for children to be aware at such an early age.

First official link, banned books, looked up more death penalty stuff. Saving pics. Think to take it mentally physically slow today and just download mindlessness and nap. Fight another battle tomorrow.

Schoolfriends created something spectacular about 9/11

GOP pushing people to believe in Global Warming instead of the opposite!

Review on Seediq Bale

Sustainability Community Tackles the Problem of Language

Morano’s sponsor is also really good at using language to re-frame issues and reposition science. Its mission sounds righteous: “to promote free market solutions to environmental problems.”

Its tag line is masterful: mankind faces a threat “not from man-made global warming, but from man-made hysteria.”

Morano’s sponsor’s name? Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

US not staying out of others business when they should but instead destroying democracy – and the KMT leveraging off of it. They should just stay neutral regardless of their position. A country’s choice and vote is NOT American.

Uh oh, the food issue on the Nation. Will I be consumed with this?