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Consumption Experiment – Day Nineteen

September 6, 2011

What a day of haze – reminder that even two sips of bad coffee during the day time will kill me and even 1/4 of a sleeping pill to counteract that will kill me for 1.5 more days.

A meeting with AI to set up system for volunteers and find ’em an IT dude or dudette!

Returned home exhausted to nap. Read a few articles here and there, the below is a quick snapshot. Unfortunately my mobile apparently only keeps two days worth of phone history

Freedom of Speech on the internet

Most efficient way to board a plane

Religious fundalmentalism in the US

Tax Dodging,

Taiwan Presidential Bids

Speak Out Activism

China’s Challenge at Sea

Started DN and fell asleep


Consumption Experiment – Day Eighteen

September 5th, 2011

Trying to piece together a meeting with Amnesty International Taiwan regarding a volunteer network, this ought to be a wonderful opportunity to help out and also get to know more!

I also came to realize I have serious control issues in my life. My dad moved my books around and freaked out. When a few books moved five feet can being enrage and thoughts of murder of the world ending, I know something is amiss.

I have just committed myself to no more new organizations this week until I finish up some promised tasks. This includes writing petitions for dolphins and the death penalty. While there does not seem to be a need for volunteers regarding Pink Dolphins, perhaps educating oneself is the first step so volunteers will be ready for action when the need rolls around. I am going to try to update one activity a week for HOS.

Need to return the call to Salt & Light also, not sure if there will be anyone interested in transferring/editing audio with me.

Absolutely inspired today on various things – thoughts of helping indigenous tribes via exposure without selling out, visible international profile and help on where they need it in the current generation, not just saving the culture but seeing what needs to be done in current problems (esp what I’ve heard of alcohol abuse? how do we help this, lessen??)

Never Tear Us Apart by INXS is soooo good.

Exposure for Taiwan hopefully can run via on all the platforms I’m working off of and should be a vibrant link, network in educating people who know nothing about this place, even believing this may be “Thai”land?

**awaken with a kink, few hours of sleep but going good!

Some editorial on the KMT but this is purely opinion piece, no pointing to any specific stats, I’m starting to wonder ok what exactly is democracy?  China tried to sell arms to Gadhafi, Chinese brands are unknown because of State ownership, some paid volunteer management workshop, Taiwanese kids being taught fake history, an even greater way for countries to become completely dependent on one another,

If Taiwan selects not to fight for itself; then Taiwan should not exist. Isn’t it that simple? If you do not value or treasure something, then you are bound to lose it and you should be fine with that reasoning.

Isn’t it odd how we can deem corporations to be protected as people; but in regards to countries we barely treat them like people?

Long interview with Yates regarding Taiwan, especially interesting is regarding the UN, prostitution in Taiwan, I mean would prostitution exist if there wasn’t a demand for it by men who feel some sort of jolly in paying a woman rather than having to engage in anything meaningful by trying to obtain her sex?

have I mentioned i hate it when people touch my things? The feeling that is out of control for the few things you can control in life seem to be crucial.

Went through a freedom of speech vs hate speech loop, a sensitive subject especially if it regards things that you do not personally want to hear or is offensive to you.

Consumption Experiment – Day Seventeen

September 4th, 2011

Book in hand: Mythology, BOOZEHOUND

After I pick up my car today, I need to spend some quality time reading and making a cohesive agenda for the week as I have projects and commitments piling up! This includes on how to proceed with the sexuality project in November as my head is already turning some hamster wheels on the forthcoming development.

Tried to read some green policies in Taiwan here, here, and skimmed first paragraph of Mother Jone’s recommended Long Reads  this one the American Drug Lord in Acapulco ought to be a quick read. Someone invited me to an event this coming week regarding the San Francisco Peace Treaty, pics of undies, Fabio,.

*** quick sleep of a few hours

*** drop off van, pick up car, brought along a pup to meet with a great friend. Wonderful chat wonderful criticism and analysis of the world. Met up again with her other half and it was amazing that I just realized her sister actually farms at her organic goods and sells this produce! All this time I was searching for someone to link me and and she was right next to me, actually her sister showed up at the flea market the previous night. I knew that this world was amazing in so many ways and sometimes we overlook the good that is happening all around us so close. Got into some deep ideas about this new finding since I was so inspired. I want to bring this to the next level in teaching the community especially children about organic produce and food. They said there are plans of opening a place for the goods and I was right onboard and ideas just flowed out of my head on how to write this up, doing interviews, drawing attention in various sites, organizing committees and educational classes. Wow!

Returning home:

Music needs to get politically charged, don’t panic go organic cry, finding Organic Consumers a very interesting site with tons of links I want to read but I shouldn’t until I get other tasks done. My mind is overflowing with tangents, webs, tentacles! Checked out this gorgeous gift I got from S.Y – for returning her adorable poodle back to her after he went missing! She also donated generously to the clothing drive! You know that when you open yourself and your heart up in compassion, you will attract the right types of entities. Like a puppy that goes missing and only wants to be back home.

Looked up some linkedin groups on activism, not a good green week for Obama or the environment, killed off the EPA, giving ethical fashion a chance – what think of such?

Designer Carrie Parry, a graduate of the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London, works with artisans from Eastern India — where she sources silk — to the Indian Himalayas. And as EFF says, “Carrie Parry achieves a timeless style rooted in sustainability and wearability.” We couldn’t agree more.

I’m going to give this more of a read and then see how I feel. Also returning some emails on farming, gauging and pacing myself.



Consumption Experiment – Day Sixteen

September 3rd, 2011

Book in hand: Mythology, BOOZEHOUND

Morning caught up on a lot of emails. Read a bit about Taiwan Pink Dolphins trying to see how I can start a petition to draw more awareness to this, more on The Gentle Barn, Afrika Bambaataa ‘s Perfect Beat, then rushed out the door to volunteer for Animals Taiwan.

Luck would have it that I missed the freeway exit and almost headed to SanChong; then looped around somehow back to Taipei City and then to the AT office. From 1:30 till 11:30 I was somehow engaged with this event, rough day, very hot day. When I drove the AT van back to the office the main gate was padlocked and I did not have the key. Ended up having to crawl through an opening to return one of the handicapped dogs that came to the event and drove the van home. Need to go pick up my car tomorrow. Home to take care of my own pups and then read through items, get ready for snooze and hope I don’t wake up again at 7:30am?!

Gave a bit of thought on volunteer work and feeling the pinch of financing this endeavor and necessity to focus my resources and time. Had a good chat with some very dear friends (my ex-worker) after the event. Without the support of just a few of these close people, don’t know where I’d be. Home?

Consumption Experiment – Day Fifteen

September 2, 2011

Book in hand: Boozehound, Mythology, Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol

Busy day, read a bit of feeds but forgot that every link I read via twitter or facebook stream is not saved into the history of my mobile. So there goes that source but it was definitely a productive/unproductive clutter read day in the morning.

Then headed out to a meeting at the Sheraton regarding a sustainability project that might be interesting to me, still considering it in this time of lack of funds. Right after headed over to Amnesty Taiwan and had a nice meeting, met a few people, seemed to have possibly committed myself to more projects which is fine as I find learning so fun these days. Just hope I don’t get overwhelmed and do not have time to fulfill my promises. Also met a few good people from New School for Democracy although I do not agree on every point and mission in this article.

Realized in discussing such serious topics, my Chinese skills are suckies. I’m much better now in the industries I’ve worked in but obviously need to brush up on my communication skills, going to re-commit myself to learning a couple terms but hopefully this will all come around.

Taiwanese indigenous crafts and tours! Watching some nice police brutality, lovely wrong prison sentences, the great judicial system in Taiwan videos, Cheney talks and Goodman writes, great corporate loopholes and some DN such as BlackerDecker paying $32 million to its CEO and receiving $75 million tax refund great CEO pay 325:1 ratio to avg worker, check out Executive Excess 2011: The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging ; China’s internet trying to encourage silence, I love The Superficial, Seediq review, wrote a fair amount of emails to get re-started with some non-profits in seeing what they are up to.

Consumption Experiment – Day Fourteen

September 1, 2011

Book in hand: Mythology

After staying up to watch X-Men First Class I have to admit no matter what anyone says, I do enjoy the franchise. I loved the animated series when I was younger and other than a few casting objections, like the flicks. Another 5 hours of sleep and I woke up to read a few feed from my FB.

I have attempted to not read my twitter feeds, chockfull of subscription to news feeds, in the morning.

China binding South Sea agreement, people getting boners over a chance to join Chinese State Council Information Office, vetting process of the CIA revealed, Goodwin Liu to the CA Supreme Court, David Lynch’s Paris club, fellow monks going to jail because of a their brother setting himself on fire (overlooking the reasons of course), those that were at the front line of response to 9/11 denied an invite to the 10th Anniversay (the way police, firefighters, military, etc often are when they’re no longer ‘useful’), TRA Taiwan Relations Act needing reinforcements, Taiwan cracking down on freedom of speech, SHAME ON TAIWAN, more on CEOs earning more than what their companies paid in taxes, the Nutrifresh take off, integration of music in FB?

Spent a good 8 hours sorting out the donated clothes with two other, very dear, compassionate, kind people. These girls even came to cook me lunch before we started! It was so sweet and the food was delicious. One of the new gals I met today is from the Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corps so it was really nice to find someone else who also shares the same passion about doing charity work.

I counted almost 600 pieces of items (pairs of shoes count as one) from belts, footwear, dresses, pants, and the majority were tops. Mainly female pieces this time around – this fluctuates as people are generally pretty good about heeding the call of what items I need. There are less and less socks/underwear which is also a good sign.

Doing a bit of reading now about the death penalty, to get ready for tomorrow. But just starting to brainstorm some ideas on how to fund my charitable endeavors that’s sinking my non-existence financial structure without having to work in either streetwear/fashion/footwear or luxury again.

There was even an older IBM laptop this time! A few items that I will be shifting for Animals Taiwan flea market.

Consumption Experiment Day Thirteen

August 31st, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND and GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I plan on cutting internet despite emails, short so I can snuggle with Mythology. Stayed up a bit last night re-reading some classics as my dad arrived with a box of books I prepacked; 30 oldies but goodies,  a few I haven’t touched.

Woke up early at 7 after sleeping for 5 hours but felt refreshed. I celebrated three birthdays today – one was my father’s, after he discovered he was born on August 31st. It’s a complicated family history but despite many past generations on my dad’s side stated as people of Hsinchu (Taiwan), my grandfather who was born in 1894 was disenchanted with the Japanese colonial rule over Taiwan that began in 1895. He rebelled vigorously throughout his youth, believing that only the Taiwanese should rule Taiwan and not any colonial masters, and moved around Asia. Thus my uncles and aunts were born in different cities. Having also lived in China, my grandfather soon came to realize that China had far more corruption than the Japanese and that Taiwan was still his beloved home and moved back.

When he did come back to his motherland, midst of WWII, records were in disarray and anyways some papers such as my 2nd uncle’s exact birth date were lost and my father was registered under the one he’s used for over 70 years. My grandfather also worked for the Japanese and then subsequently rebelled against the KMT when they took over Taiwan. If not for his “關係“ in which he got pardoned, he would have rotted in some nice prison for dissent against the Nationalists. I plan to read more of my grandfather’s carefully written notes and know more about his path and also about Taiwan’s tumultuous history. So far reads out like a long drama, with one of my aunts falling sick from TB during her studies in a Japanese university. My grandfather went to Japan to bring her back to Taiwan and she passed away. My uncle-in-law while on a trip back to Taiwan from Fukien, his passenger ship was bombed by a US aircraft leaving his very young sons fatherless.

On other clicked news, Climate cycles linked to civil war, just the roughs on globalization, marriage+divorce rates, face-saving in Taiwan politics in front of foreign adversary (why doesn’t the government listen to their own people and need for foreigners to point out and write letters before resolving anything?), another piece on why US needs Taiwan but honestly I read first paragraph and I quit. Because I don’t need anyone to tell me who I am and if we are just serving as pawns in some scheme then what? This type of article disgusts me because people are no longer people, just put in the view of whether they are useful or not. Yet when I say this directly about a person, people get OFFENDED. Yeah, weird right?

Did a couple segments of Democracy Now! in 15 minute-ish spurts and it was delicious. Everytime I end up watching DN I’m always invigorated! Cheney and his book, climate change and the recent surges of weather catastrophes, widow of an Army Ranger and how she confronted Rumsfeld who “heard about that”, saving some in NYC but not others (prisoners) during Irene, climate patterns with war. I was interested by Solomon Hsiang, not just for his report but his last name. If it’s an Asian name, it interested me how Amy Goodman pronounced it compared to how I would usually hear it if it’s attached to an Asian guy.

I spend most of my time reading through snippets from tweets as most people have summarized a life and event in the number of characters allotted. Wikileaks about 2006 booboo killing massacre by US – Iraq Civilian family, bus route for tomorrow, monday’s DN! headlines SEEDIQ BALE, a Taiwanese movie that was labeled as Taiwan, China; then recently Chinese Taipei, and today came to light that under the Venice International Film Festival has finally just left it as country, Taiwan.

Results of Taiwan’s presidential campaign via 2004, 2008, looked for baby girl names, some embezzelements and DPP, ODE magazine, green scissors, Keystone Pipeline ordeals.

Tried to get some people together for Saturday’s Animal Taiwan event, need followup on the space for Amnesty Taiwan tomorrow, need to figure out some discussion topics when we meet on Friday, need read through shrimp items again as also have meeting early Friday, had an offer to be an account for these really very talented Japanese graphic designers, a media/marketing plan kinda for the US on Taiwan, finding volunteers for flea market and someone to go do audio edits with me, still need to visit the orphanage but I’m booked through Sunday.

Responded to stuffs and looked at breads and cereals…time to read and rest.

Consumption Experiment – Day Twelve

August 30th, 2011

Book in hand: Yes, BOOZEHOUND. Read a few pages before sleeping around 1am earlier. Many errands to run, thus less consumption, more interacting with human build things such as gas station attendants and doggy docs. Also getting ready to be an aunt for the first time in my life, not just to strange young kids or my lovely dogs, but an actual “aunt.”

Worked a bit on project for Amnesty Taiwan event in October, trying to coordinate a space. More exposure to the photography workshop for Atayal children, then posted an opportunity to edit audio files for the visually impaired. I wanted to visit an orphanage today but ran a bit late and plan on picking up my pops later.

Mostly spend another day updating the site.

Gave thought to a new project (something about haircuts, yes)

Scheduled time for sorting out the clothing drive

Came across this regarding Social Security as a Ponzi Scheme, although refuting it as a Ponzi Scheme does not allay my other fears of it as a scheme, actually drew more attention into it! The Social Security site even has to justify this.

Also must mention I spend about 1.5 hours just on updating this site going back and forth. It’s good to have a place to write out thoughts as I click through crap but this may be leading to some extra multi-tasking. I will try to finish book review today. Want to start putting together a few tracks together, my favorites from My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Revolting Cocks, KMFDM, George Michael, The Cure, Bikini Kill, The Cramps, etc.

Stalked some which I shall not reveal, checked out some events in Taiwan at The Wall.

Pickup tonight and chat lasted long.

Consumption Experiment – Day Eleven

August 29th, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND again as I found it in a eco-shopping bag I used a few days ago. I really should start working on reading this! And holy hell I realized I’ve been updating all the dates as JULY instead of AUGUST.

Today was a busy day, dedicated to working on my volunteer network site in sprucing it up, cleaning it up, writing out clearer mission statements, figuring out why flickr is so darn slow to update its feeds. Spent about 12 hours on wordpress!

Took a pic of clothing drive with my cute puppy on top so everyone can see the scale. Having dogs makes everything cuter, brighter in life yes?


  1. Looked up orphanage info,
  2. people wanting to volunteer,
  3. volunteering in Taiwan,
  4. fish on floors,
  5. dogs leaving to die alone,
  6. 7 things dogs should not eat,
  7. my pup’s golden years,
  8. expensive dog breeds but I think this link is not accurate at all!
  9. read up about KMT’s Diane Lee’s dual citizenship, realized how interesting it was to read the case a few years ago saying how’d she’d get off…and she did!
  10. pressurized egg therapy, a cheat for sports?
  11. global gen x
  12. NSFW American Apparel controversy and here
  13. Spent a bit of time setting up a flickr account – mainly spend time trying to figure out why the feed was retarded, sent in feedback
  14. checked out some .org sites and while I loved this sparked site first time I went, I’m asking questions about it now, probably because I’m trying do the opposite, some tips made by an amazing woman who spends her time doing webinars for free
  15. gallery event, KARAOKE
  16. looked up 104 to get ideas for my website on language proficiency and knowing now I need to really get a move on the aspect of pushing this site to the next level,
  17. celebrity gossip because i like the way he writes
  18. why go green, here, here
  19. an idiot post about why people should hire entrepreneurs, reminds me of the book a friend loaned me (still have sorry!) YOUR MARKETING SUCKS – because people actually forget a corporation’s goal is to make money. ROI baby. Forgets that it’s at any costs, right? which is why it’s hard for me to say i do marketing because it seems so destructive most of the time.
  20. Cosmetics in green for those who wear.
  21. Continue my foray into wordpress, figuring out the stats on this as well.


i need to dedicate more time to sprucing up a few twitter sites, one for amnesty taiwan eng and the other for my volunteer site. i wish there was one application in which i can decide which account to tweet to? anyone? thanks!



Consumption Experiment – Day Ten

August 28th, 2011

Book in Hand: couldn’t find my BOOZEHOUND, have fallen behind since have been frequenting outdoor society. Must clean room, must find book.

Must recuperate from being too social past few days, exhaustion.

  1. Started off the day finished a Longread, last two paragraphs on Clarence Thomas,
  2. an inspiring success story about Finland schools,
  3. Randomly in inbox read on bartering in a restaurant. But if there still is such a high basis for capital needed ($200) and one is taking excessive crap people didn’t want anyways, what is the purpose? Could have should have bartered for things that are needed to make this a realistic model, no? It’s just bartering exchanging shit that one didn’t need anyways. At least some people are getting fed by getting rid of crap.
  4. Translated for Animals Taiwan, I should start writing an article for them as well!
  5. I put on some old podcasts, YOUNG AMERICA and wow what am I listening to? Listening to Sarah Palin right now, just listened to the ramblings of Rabbi Daniel Lapin. I tell you now,
  6. the SOUND OF YOUNG AMERICA and YOUNG AMERICA are two vastly vastly different podcasts. The intro to Young America website vid is amazing, must watch! Reagan is God.
  7. Some reading on CHTHONIC reviews
  8. and the Amis tribe.
  9. Heaps on recycling and corruption,
  10. nukes in Taiwan,
  11. how to be a certified sustainable shrimp farm,
  12. in translation looked up canine distemper, cat aids,
  13. did some followup work for hosting Amnesty Taiwan event at TCAC,
  14. I LOVE NUKE event in Taiwan,
  15. anti-nuke in Taiwan,
  16. looked up 123studio,
  17. Taiwan visa status,
  18. my friend has the cutest homemade stuffs for her and her daughter, please check here!

I just registered my domains and .org… $20 some odd bucks of which I don’t have but will skip 3 meals because it’s so worth it!Trying to get it hosted by Taiwan Website Cooperative so hope that is forthcoming and I can begin designing what I’d like and offering member logins.

Also went to pick up the last of the clothing donations and was a bit overwhelmed lugging everything up to my apartment. But I came up with more avenues of “recycle” when I came across a book on studying for the GMATS, wanting to donate that to a free library in Tienmu. I don’t see it as applicable in a flea market and it’s 2008 so could still be of benefit to someone in Taiwan. Would be a shame to have it recycled so soon even though I think standardized tests are crap. Least I could do is ensure they stop making money, probably the reason why that nonsense is around!


After reading through the success story about Finland, I realized I’ve come a myriad of readings lately on whether the issue is to live to be oneself, or to be altruistic. Socialist? Marxist? The good of the many, the collective? I don’t find myself altruistic. If it comes to the submission of myself for others, it is for an obvious reason and unacceptable. But why isn’t the rationale and logic thing to do is want to save the environment and head for sustainable living? Does this not benefit, not profit us? What is the scheme of profit if in the end we are self destructed by it? I feel profited by it; that measure is not in terms of capitalism and I’m bored of applying to that any longer. I suppose the fear is that some of us might actually have to grow food instead of being able to have our “rights” to rather sit in front of a telly and watch it. In today’s practice of capitalism, this ponzi scheme, some has got to lose. Only if people were rationale to stop having more kids than they can feed and sustain, only if we all did our part in discovering that life and sustainable are also profitable, will we achieve happiness.

Then again you know there are those who love to destroy others, drama queens as they call it, but they actually find no solace in the act. What of those then? How do you live in a rationale world when others are not; or at least, no one is agreeing on which logic or rational to follow? Libertarian, Objectivism is all great but not so much when the same rules are not applied. Let’s all live on the Animal Farm. People will change laws. 有辦法退出江湖嗎? Let’s be realistic here. K. was right when she said that was for people who still lived in high school. Rand is my dream, but not a practicing reality.

I have come to this thinking that rarely do you find people who are passionate about the same things that you are. And I have offered help to anyone and often in most cases, received no response. This has happened several times this year. No rejection, just pure silence. When my motives and intentions are clear to myself at least, I guess the fact that they in the end do not need my assistance it’s a good thing.

Bringing to light reality, bringing to light my reality, essence of art? I want the ones that change, that challenge the realities rather than feed into ideologies already set into place. To break and challenge others. It’s beyond a way of looking from a different position but to blow that out of the water completely. Only when one comes to this realization of difference and reality can we evolve. Not all art is created equal in the sense of what drives me. That which interests me wants to break me.

Just decided to write out the purpose in clothing drive. i’m still trying to change the most minimal ways in people’s attitudes, perhaps to prolong the suffering of the earth with the weight of humans and what they have moved from the ‘wants’ column into their ‘basic needs’ columns.

1) Instilling a habit of people buying clothes to take a second look purchasing. Hopefully by sorting out clothes they can also assess if there was a need for this expenditure and burden on natural resources.  REDUCE.

2) Provide clothing for people in need. REUSE.

3) Instill a habit of RECYLING in people to think twice about their clothing before tossing.

4) Supports the youth and native Taiwanese population via 康樂福音教會 and 臺灣路竹會

5) Provides bedding and blankets for stray animals in Taiwan during the wintertime (Animals Taiwan)

6) Funnels remaining unwearable clothing to be recycled/reused into other items.