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Consumption Experiment – Day Thirty

September 17th, 2011

And today is the final day. I wonder if I should keep it up for another few days…

Anyways just a few hours sleep and then a conference call with someone in Seattle launching a project for Taiwan/America. Sounds quite interesting and possibly a bit of work so will have to cut down other projects. I have an inkling of how I’d like to coordinate the project. Crazy rush, 40 min concall, ran out the door.

Then a dash to Taipei Main Station for an organized clean up day, sponsored by Uni-President – Clean up the World Protect Taiwan 清潔地球 環保台灣. For a bit of cleaning you can redeem a hot cup of Joe (bring your own coffee cup) at 7-11. I don’t drink coffee but had been interested to look into volunteering for the environment. Meet up at 8am, the start time took forever as this was focused on being a press event for the corporation. The actual cleaning was just about 30-40 minutes; I had expected 3-4 different site shifts but it was just one. Good though, because I was not fully prepared since when I ran out the door realized my black t-shirt was a wee bit too snug.

I normally do not spit out gum randomly but let me tell you now, definitely never again the future. Until you are scraping gum off the pavement, you do not know how damaging and difficult these bad boys are. I can see why Singapore has banned these critters! Getting on your knees with a row of other volunteers in 30 degree C is tough, thankfully we were in the shade. Very inspiring to see so many groups of people including those who brought their kids. I think it’s a great lesson for children to be aware at such an early age.

First official link, banned books, looked up more death penalty stuff. Saving pics. Think to take it mentally physically slow today and just download mindlessness and nap. Fight another battle tomorrow.

Schoolfriends created something spectacular about 9/11

GOP pushing people to believe in Global Warming instead of the opposite!

Review on Seediq Bale

Sustainability Community Tackles the Problem of Language

Morano’s sponsor is also really good at using language to re-frame issues and reposition science. Its mission sounds righteous: “to promote free market solutions to environmental problems.”

Its tag line is masterful: mankind faces a threat “not from man-made global warming, but from man-made hysteria.”

Morano’s sponsor’s name? Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

US not staying out of others business when they should but instead destroying democracy – and the KMT leveraging off of it. They should just stay neutral regardless of their position. A country’s choice and vote is NOT American.

Uh oh, the food issue on the Nation. Will I be consumed with this?


Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Eight/Twenty Nine

September 15 & 16th, 2011

It seems kind of like I’m cheating since I traveled to HK these days so was not able to consume anything online. I actually had to interact with people!

Headed to HK on the bus and ended up missing my KA flight, the first flight I’ve ever missed in my life, despite having traveled the amount I have and having had butt crack early flights. Good thing I caught another flight pretty soon and headed to Causeway Bay to meet up with some Singaporean friends from Phunk Studio; then met with a decade old friend I hadn’t seen in 5 years; later on dinner with two HK based pals and then met up with the Phunk boys again.

The next day on the 16th they gave a presentation at the HK Design Institute for Herman Miller. Missed it! Happened in on another woman thanking them, she started hers, ended, then onto Eames presentation. Saw the exhibition, lunch at Central courtesy again of the kind generous guys, then bus’d to the HK airport only to have my flight delayed for 2.5 hours. Home, sent out a bunch of emails in coordinating the 10/10 event, slept and woke up a few hours later for a conference call but that leaks into the 17th….

Consumption Experiement – Day Twenty Seven

September 14th 2011

You can get a piece of paper through UN but not an independent state!

checking out craigslist for Taiwan

editorial about absentee voting for Taiwan

Tracking trends, twitter, or spying? more here

Taiwan Alliance to end death penalty, more

Axe killer in China

Apple and censorship

Should I work for Free Chart

Herzog and the Death Penalty

Mad rush to finish writing up a blurb text for the poster and coordinate everything I could before my one day trip to HK early next day. Blurbs always take me forever, I think I “overthink”

Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Six

September 13th 2011

Meetings meetings.

still on loop…ministry!

capital gain taxes benefit the wealthy

My dog is aggressive

I am a reputable breeder

Taiwanese art

Explosion of Christians in China – capitalism?

Chinese buying gold to weaken US dollar

“If you owe the bank $100, that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100m, that’s the bank’s problem,” American industrialist Jean Paul Getty once remarked, in a parable that sums up China’s predicament.

Obama’s speech saves probably just his own job

Conversation with Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen

Checking on healthy treats for dogs here here

Teenagers photo that inspired a revolution – Libya

Reading up on the death penalty

Nike sold $200 shoe low quality got caught? Oops.

Gutter Oil in China scandal

Chinese police free 30 as slaves


Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Five

September 12, 2011

Looked up this person who has written odd things to me

Looked up forever the info about Exodus – couldn’t remember the organization name

Fucking tired of people saying who is what.

In light of incompetency throughout all of Taiwan’s history, wondering if the only reason it has risen in some success is exactly due to that incompetency – everyone instead doing their own thing, less dependence on the government (regardless of which party) usually fails and falters, abundance of non-profits, non-governmental organizations who end up having to help each other, while government focuses solely on its own ridiculous power struggled. People are not expendable – government is.

In light of the sickness I’ve been more aware again to the excess of UNIQLO advertisements cluttering my view. Featuring a staple of Japanese models, I think back to my time in Taiwan. When has Taiwan, in recent memory, been proud enough to have local idols featured on the advertisements? It was Hong Kong stars (albeit Joey Wong and Brigette Lin obviously top of the heap of Taiwan talents rising in HK films), Michelle Reis, Gigi Leung, Andy Lau, etc in the late 80s and early 90s, then it moved steadily onto Japanese stars such as Ryoko Hirosue and Namie Amuro (onslaught of TK power), the myriad of actress in J-dorama. This lasted from the mid 90s through the early 2000s, until Korean dramas took full force sweeping throughout Asia. We had Song Hye-kyo and Rain and that guy with the glasses – Bae Yong Joon, amongst a billion others (Won Bin!). Now we’ve entered an age of the Chinese with Zhang Ziyi and Ms. China (can never remember her name but they change every year anyways), and the SK II still holding fort with Carina Lau and Qi Qi.

Sure we occasionally have a few Taiwanese girls (Hsu Chi, Vivian Hsu, the S for reasons unknown, Lin Chih-Ling) and men (probably only Takeshi Kaneshiro) here and there but are we too weak for the onslaught? Perhaps we don’t have enough local brands – look around the cosmetic floor and Japanese brands triumph all.

US Open finalist not sponsored by Nike or Adidas for once

Palestinians feel what US citizens have felt – the full lies of Obama when he rejected their statehood, after supporting it fully the previous year. Everyone wants to support the “status quo” Read up on the author MJ Rosenberg and went down another trail there – wondered about the bias. Of course, when someone supports your cause, it’s always great and when they don’t it reads like faulty propaganda.

Rick Perry and Child Rape in Texas

Love things I can read and started reading some Aus-Rotten lyrics, this time about the World Bank and wouldn’t it be fun to have a class that taught lyrics and the reasons for them? Check out the below and you would first of all go through definitions and reasons. Wow, great stuff! If there was a class like this my kid should go!

  1. Definition of Third World
  2. What or who is the World Bank?
  3. Definition of Transnational
  4. What or who is the IMF?
  5. What is evidence for Portugal having to produce more oil?
  6. What evidence of the World Bank having driven the indigenous off lands?
  7. What is true or not true?
  8. What are the reasons for the below?
  9. What good has the World Bank done?

Third world is plagued by poverty and the world bank is the cause
An instrument of transnational companies to overule domestic laws
Serving merely as a weapon for american foreign policy leverage
Starvation is considered an effective repayment incentive
The initiating step in US planned destabilizaion Is extorting money by economic manipulation
With world bank interference development is prevented
Their actions differ greatly from the compassionate image that’s presented
Restructuring the world ecomomy is the world bank and the IMF
Benefitting the richest countries while developing nations are bled to death
The third world is descended so deeply into debt that their economies can’t function
The demand for outrageous interest force these countries to increase production
Ecuador is forced to porduce more oil to repay all it’s debt
This strain upon the ecosystem’s an environmental threat
Rainforests have been ravished for iron smelting i Brazil
Ten million people have been forced from the land the world bank steal
Structural adjustment programs have pushed Peru to poverty
While many African nations suffer from extreme austerity
Restructuring the world economy is the world bank and the IMF
Benefitting the richest countries while developing nations are bled to death
Establishing puppet dictators whose actions are devestating
The world’s economists line their pockets with the regimes that they’re creating
They’re the power watchdog security guarding where first world interests lie
They slash and burn the rainforests or build another dam
They systematically drive the indigenous people off of their land
They’ve paved the way for industry to legally cease resources
By imposing the political policies their leashed tyrant enforces
Restructuring the world economy is the world bank and the IMF
Benefitting the richest countries while developing nations are bled to death

This is also a good read on dignity therapy for patients.

“It wasn’t an intentional blurring; it really was her giving us her take on things and where she was at the time,” says Frego. “She was telling us that she chose to remember the happy parts of it. And truth is the way we perceive what’s happening to us, how we interpret it.”

The gorgeous Minka Kelly

Interesting stats – 44-2 on op-eds that ran in favor of war post 9/11

On this Bauhaus, Lydia Lunch, Violent Femmes, Ministry kick.

God so good! Everyday is Halloween by Ministry – such a teaching on tolerance and acceptance of differences.

Well I live with snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night ‘Cuz to me everyday is Halloween I have given up hiding and started to fight I have started to fight Well any time, any place, anywhere that I go all the people seem to stop and stare they say ‘Why are you dressed like it’s Halloween? you look so absurd, you look so obscene’ Oh, why can’t I live a life for me? why should I take the abuse that’s served? why can’t they see they’re just like me it’s the same, it’s the same in the whole wide world well I let their teeny minds think that they’re dealing with someone who is over the brink and I dress this way just to keep them at bay

‘Cuz Halloween is everyday it’s everyday Oh, why can’t I live a life for me? why should I take the abuse that’s served? why can’t they see they’re just like me it’s the same, it’s the same in the whole wide world Oh, why can’t I live a life for me? why should I take the abuse that’s served? why can’t they see they’re just like me i’m not the one that’s so absurd why hide it? why fight it? hurt feelings best to stop feeling hurt from denials, reprisals it’s the same it’s the same in the whole wide world

Capital gains tax rates benefiting wealthy feed growing gap between rich and poor

Man who likes to be jostled

Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Four

September 11,2011

The Onion! Pope forgives molested children

Married with Children ep

Checked on SH visa


Adam Smith

Vision Youth Action

GOP flowchart

more tax equal happiness

o’brien phone loss

slept around 3am, thanks to lovely married with children and just overall lack of interest in sleep. vivid dreams, one of the scenes included my darling schnauzer flying through the rain, his fur tufted up like an aladdins rug.

to help or not to help? cholera outbreak in haiti caused by international community? more here. sometimes you gotta say, fuck the UN. it’s like a high school club of cunts. pardon my french.

This has infuriated many Haitians, not least because the troops that have been occupying the country since 2004 do not have any legitimate reason to be there. (Haiti has no civil conflict or other legal justification for this large-scale UN military presence). The saddest thing is that since it has reached a critical mass in Haiti, cholera has now become endemic to the country and will continue to kill Haitians for many years. It wasn’t intentional, but it was gross negligence on the part of the UN and they ought to be held responsible. For starters, the UN could take the $875m it is spending annually on this unwanted military occupation – nine times what it has raised for the cholera epidemic – and put it into treatment and prevention.

plus the US wonders why it gets attacked? the fact is that if the population does not know and does not take accountability for what its politicians enact into law, then ALL of us should suffer the outcome. Apparently we’d rather topple governments instead of utilizing the appropriated ‘aids’ and funds to HELP them.

Prevention is ultimately the most effective way to reduce the toll of the disease and to eventually eliminate it, but for this Haiti needs water treatment facilities and delivery systems. These were urgent public health needs even before the cholera outbreak, to prevent other water-borne diseases. There were plans to build them in the mid-90s, with hundreds of millions of dollars in loans promised by multilateral lenders, but it never happened; then, international aid was cut off in a US-led effort from 2000-2004 to topple the elected government. The result contributed to the deaths we are seeing today. But even now that aid has been pledged and disbursed since the earthquake, we have not seen any water or sanitation infrastructure being built.

from the other link really questions what is human rights i want to say…really, do we?

respecting all of our human rights—including the right to food, the right to decent housing and sanitation, the right to health, the right to potable water, the right to education and the right to security.”

the profusion of NGOs—and some have estimated that Haiti, a veritable Republic of NGOs, has more of them per capita than any other country in the world—has not led to adequate progress in provision of basic services to all who need them nor to a functioning safety net for the poorest. Case in point: over 85% of primary and secondary education in Haiti is private, and Haiti is, as mentioned, plagued by illiteracy; over 500,000 school-age children were not in school prior to the earthquake.

This is a winner and so true for Taiwan. Wake-up call to idealists.

“Beginning in 2000, the U.S. administration sought, often quietly, to block bilateral and multilateral aid to Haiti, having an objection to the policies and views of the administration of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, elected by over 90% of the vote at about the same time a new U.S. president was chosen in a far more contested election”

US trying to topple Haiti back in the day

Indeed, those who are questioning the administration about Haiti are being smeared as naive and unpatriotic. Aristide himself is being smeared with ludicrous propaganda and, most cynically of all, is being accused of dereliction in the failure to lift his country out of poverty.

In point of fact, this U.S. administration froze all multilateral development assistance to Haiti from the day that George W. Bush came into office, squeezing Haiti’s economy dry and causing untold suffering for its citizens. U.S. officials surely knew that the aid embargo would mean a balance-of-payments crisis, a rise in inflation and a collapse of living standards, all of which fed the rebellion.

Another tragedy in this episode is the silence of the media when it comes to asking all the questions that need answers. Just as in the war on Iraq’s phony WMD, wherein the mainstream media initially failed to ask questions about the administration’s claims, major news organizations have refused to go to the mat over the administration’s accounts on Haiti.

Haiti OUCH – 6 questions for bandwagon sympathizers and their hypocrisy, quite lovely to read through!

why stopping the popular democratically elected official from returning to Haiti?

Disagree at the below, unfortunately it’s not “rarely” rather it’s “frequent” “often” “every day” “again”!

Rarely has an episode so brilliantly exposed Santayana’s famous aphorism that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

faust wins at venice

friend buying jacket for sis

at a loss about israel


reading some old feeds from a junior high school classmate, wonderful! i only wish i had gotten to known her better when we were in school, love her news quips.

Company on happy cows and chickens

Burning Man FAQS, love the one regarding doggies! Mutant vehicles.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: No. Dogs are not allowed. Your dog is already largely free from the strictures of mainstream American culture, and therefore does not need to have its mind blown at Burning Man.

Kids playing outside on their rules – so important!

PR post 9/11 – Collin Powell regretting being at the helm under false information. It’s really interesting, finally someone who regrets and has taken blame for his part in Iraq.

Powell made the case for war with Iraq at the United Nations.

On behalf of the administration, Powell said Saddam Hussein was trying to buy raw material from Africa to build nuclear weapons and he gave an elaborate description of an Iraqi weapons programme, that as it turned out, never existed.

Now, Powell says the US government got it wrong.

In part one of a two-part interview, Al Jazeera’s Tony Harris sat down with Powell to talk about his regrets at being the face of false intelligence.


stop transfer animals from shelters austin to houstin – higher kill rate 

ford pushing marketing on being against bailout money

what is this camp david order? – need to take time to read, sidetracked by Haiti tabs!!

US stronger after 9/11 attacks….

Cheng Nan Jung …. here too, how amazing. what a sacrifice, what a martyr who died for freedom. I love that it doesn’t matter your supposed background (yes you can be of Chinese origin) – breaks the stupid stereotype!

INXS live Never Tear Us Apart

This fired me up – the oddest things Instead of BBQ, local governments offer green, bizarre alternatives. Because WHY put the word BIZARRE? Taiwan is admirable though in its efforts.

Go Seediq Bale! Events taking place in 1930s in Taiwan … yes while the ROC had it’s history elsewhere, people in Taiwan were still struggling. I reckon people are always struggling somewhere.

Go Yani!

Admirable but don’t Taiwanese native kids needs library and literacy in English too?

Art making its way to kids around the island, so good!


Something is amiss, I don’t feel right. Anyways, finished uploading a few pics from Malinda’s amazinnnng photo workshop! I’ll be writing up one for her next art workshop taking place on 9/24 in case someone wants to head over too. The best way to know something is to get directly involved.

Should read into this post and this on 911

Uploading old pics, trying to decide whether to head to HK or Shanghai and coordinating places to stay, wondering if to write up a volunteer outreach for AI, I think I’m going to have to read up a bit more.

Uh oh, what is this? More broadcasting to fill my noggins?

Jon Stewart F the Poor – old clip that MoveOn stated is a crowd favorite. More JS on Republicans debate during a day when Obama wanted to give a speech on jobs.

So much 911 items.

Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Three

September 10th, 2011

One day off of 9/11, and already past the SF Peace Treaty. Pretty darn close to Mid Autumn Festival and I just remembered since I was going to redeem a ticket but probably won’t make it before the 16th because now everyone is on holiday. Blah!

Headed out early to get those yoga classes completed and volunteer at the flea market again. It was a slooow day with the long weekend, so donations were less than 1% of normal Saturdays. Wow! Met an acquaintance that friend introduced in regards to proactivism in Taiwan, esp for “green” and wonder at times when I should take offense to things. Also procured a huge bag of fresh organic veggies my friend’s sister grew! So amazing and I can’t wait to relish in their freshness and try them out the rest of the week! I believe there is something worthwhile in this endeavor and want to draw people’s attention to the changes they can make in their own lives. Maybe I can barter off myself for a bag of veggies a week !

Got home after 11pm, there is no DN! today due to the broadcasting taking place M-F USA time. However, Mother Jone’s LongReads for the week are in my inbox. More exploration of G.G Allin…he intrigues me.


Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty Two

September 9, 2011

Tried to wake up earlier today and get started. Did get a weak sauce jog in.

  1. Monsanto Denies Superinsect Science
  2. Coolio Gangsta Paradise!
  3. Students for a Free Tibet
  4. Ethnic Minorities in China
  5. Review of Want Want media bid, older article
  6. China’s Good Samiritans
  7. 6 year old of Chinese activist denied an education
  8. Tough! Rejected offer to be a VP for DPP
  9. Wikileaks on Ma’s naivete
  10. Using ECFA to push China annexation of Taiwan? SHOCK.
  11. Another on Chinese preferring send children overseas duh
  12. Fetus killing via car
  13. Execution of a man turned to applause by Rick Perry
  14. Dalai Lama & Nobel Laureates Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline
  15. China water resettlement: ‘Honest folk have lost out’
  16. China paper tells U.S. “madmen” not to play with fire
  17. Herman Cain responds to Obama’s speech: “We waited 30 months for this?”
  18. Slavery Scandal in China
  19. Obama Denies Engaging In ‘Class Warfare’

    This seems like a critical passage: the President appealing to “simple math” over ideology.

    So we can reduce this deficit, pay down our debt, and pay for this jobs plan in the process. But in order to do this, we have to decide what our priorities are. We have to ask ourselves, “What’s the best way to grow the economy and create jobs?” Should we keep tax loopholes for oil companies? Or should we use that money to give small business owners a tax credit when they hire new workers? Because we can’t afford to do both. Should we keep tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires? Or should we put teachers back to work so our kids can graduate ready for college and good jobs? Right now, we can’t afford to do both. This isn’t political grandstanding. This isn’t class warfare. This is simple math. These are real choices that we have to make. And I’m pretty sure I know what most Americans would choose. It’s not even close. And it’s time for us to do what’s right for our future.

  20. Killing Joke time! Death and Resurrection!
  21. Aus Rotten – Do you know where their children are? Makes me want to write a few children stuffies…like Do you fear for your child, Kill the Children Save the Food,
  22. Explicit references to Children ( “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by GNR does not count)
  23. Kill the Children, Save the Food – G.G Allin, Do you fear for your Child – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Do you know where their Children are – Aus Rotten, veering off to Green Child (COIL), veering off to The Green Child by Herbert Edward Read
  24. Made a small post: Some explicit references to Children ( “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by GNR) does not count. from me music.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult– an apparent anthem that was imbued into me at an early age as I discovered this year when my friend pulled out the record and I realized the first time I heard it was from her as well, 15 years ago when she would play it for her mom. I love this song and they are one of my bestest groups with a number of songs I enjoy.Aus Rotten has a few really excellent songs, love the lyrics and the anger that rips through. I came to terms in recent times that I’m not a huge punk fan. There are very few songs I enjoy from the genre; there are no genres I am completely in love with. Rather, I like specific songs from specific artists, regardless of the genre. I do enjoy Aus Rotten. But I do love me some anarchists, the ones that really understand what conventions they are breaking and what they are striving for. It’s not the (A) symbol.The always controversial G.G Allin who pushes the terminology punk to the edge; uncomfortable and at odds with what it should have stood up for. Reverse on here – I actually enjoy the melodic talent of G.G Allin. Lyrics are worth a look. Confrontational and equal-hate opportunist.

    if your goal is to smear your non-conformity on the face of the man, (for whatever reason) where do you stop? Do you draw the line at shocking fashion such as mohawks and tattoos and loud music? Do you draw the line at violence towards others? Or do you draw the line at acts people consider disgusting on the most primal level: shitting yourself, drinking your piss and singing lyrics that violate the most basic moral codes that humanity has ever designed? Around GG, many punks became prudes. Because they saw that the ultimate act of rebellion was not just doing things that the mainstream consider repulsive, but doing things you, yourself, find repulsive.

    Nothing much to be said about COIL except they are awesome. My first introduction into industrial music with some beautiful soothing sounds and impactful lyrics. I’m irrevocably biased for them.

    Do you fear for your Child – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult 

    The crazy’s demanding to shut out the daylight

    Soldiers are dancing on rotting empires

    TV disease is making us tired

    Death struts the streets

    It’s high on the bile

    Do you fear for your child

    Do you fear for your child

    Do you fear for your child

    You look up to God

    You find Venus di Milo

    You lose your soul

    And you lose your style

    You talk to the world

    When it lies in a pile

    You talk to the dogs

    To the trees you exile

    Do you know where their Children are – Aus Rotten

    No human beings should have to live like this

    Yet you know where their children are,

    You see the pain and the suffering from your lavishly furnished materialistic shithole

    You cry crocodile tears for the poor wretched children

    That inhabit the two-minute time slot between your favorite sitcoms

    That seem to make everything better

    Who should you care, after all, they’re not your children for now!

    Kill the Children, Save the Food – G.G Allin

    Kill the children, save the food

    They’re nothin’ but a bunch of black jigaboos

    Save you’re money, let ’em die

    So we can snort dope and get fuckin’ high


    veering off to  

    Green Child – COIL

    “In fifteen minutes, the future will be famous”

    veering off to

    The Green Child by Herbert Edward Read (book)

  25. Taipei ideal for business, holiday travel: magazine
  26. Latest Democracy Now! Looks of talk about Obama’s job, taxes, loopholes, pointing to Warren Buffet. Obama is a brilliant orator and I hope he can come through? WTC is currently empty other than the China Center that pushes for advances of China business interests, if the bills push enough, the new WTC building cost $3.3 billion! Now 9/11 related health issues. This runs in the background. Reminds me I should read one of the books I got – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. 17-19% HIGHER for those around 9/11 calamities than those who were not present. Could be lots more as for lung cancer, takes almost 3 decades for this to come up. Wow….
  27. 5 minute promo reel for Seediq Bale
  28. Obama Jobs Speech Changes Conversation / The Nation
  29. Canadian PM to defend Israel no matter what
  30. Israel – Palestinian Conflict
  31. 9/11 White Elephant – WTC paid for by toll payers from Jersey! And paid to outsourced companies – the Germans and Chinese. Yes, we need jobs right?
  32. What? Fired for telling people you can get free voter IDs in Wisconsin?
  33. Reading up on capitalism, here, here, free market, mixed economy, need to re-read my notes from university.
  34. US record number of millionaires.
  35. More celeb gossip
  36. The Onion House Condescendingly Approves $400 In Added Stimulus
  37. Re-reading a Taiwanese girl’s POV on the death penalty. It’s something I’m actually sorting out for myself too.

Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty One

September 8, 2011

Book in hand: BOOZEHOUND and MYTHOLOGY. I don’t foresee finishing books this week, maybe this weekend?

Toronto International Film Festival

Murder for Breakfast

Demos Chiang promoting his book and saying he doesn’t want to be part of politics; the most shocking thing he said was in talking about the benefits of having a mixed heritage (his grandmum is Russian) is that he inherited genes to be “taller and white (paler skin)” – can one imagine saying that elsewhere? Imagine Obama saying he’s glad he got got whiter skin!

Atayal Art Workshop – another workshop by Malinda

Democracy Now! the detention centers – human rights watch groups finding a link between the CIA sending prisoners to Libya knowing they would be tortured, uhm.

I read the feeds but I can’t stand the animation for Next Animation. Belgian govt shutdown and I wonder if it’s cuz they don’t have to work what with making money from the Chinese (selling diamonds and whatnot)

PRC view on some consensus, wait, Ma agreed to the term “Chinese Taipei” what a shock since his party was the one that created it? Doubts of ECFA impact (thanks to wikileaks a lot of fatty goods for the media heads here to chew on)

Abuse in Afghan prisons. I saw the Murdoch blah on the news today and in searching for an article link to post – jesus. It’s like every other week a title says that the Murdochs knew much more than they let on about phone hacking. No shit? And we’re still continuing this media circus and people’s time in persecuting his guilt?

I finally finished the petition for the Pink Dolphins and sent it off to be approved! Hopefully can secure a few signatures! Petition will be up here

Now onto the Death Penalty, starting to read various sides of it here, here and wondered how to get people interested in the subject. Is there a way to introduce a quick clip and begin dialogue? Encourage dialogue? More deaths around the globe! Sad. Read a few more petitions, here, save some dolphins, here, here, here.

Some Karen Finley audio, so good even though I have this on mp3. Students for Free Tibet, updating myself on hairy crabs, someone recommended this Yale World Fellow program to me, celeb gossip (im not into blake lively, give me the brunette instead!)

INXS on repeat!

Obama continuing shitty things for our civil liberty, thanks! Also blocking Palestine statehood! QUASHING statehood bid! “If President Obama said it, he must have meant it” oh my goodness, I’m sorry – have you seen America? Ha! Plus who is really angry at Obama as The Nation’s Ari Melber explains some surprising data: Liberals and Democrats are still giving Obama historically high approval numbers. What the hell? So have Republicans become insane, Democrats are Republicans, Liberals are moderate/right Democrats? Right then? That sounds like it. Yeah.

Some music, Mr. Pharmacist, some psychobilly, some industrial, some The Cranes! Teenage Kicks! I am loving Aus Rotten more and more. I reckon in general I love songs that speak about activism, it’s such a turn on! I don’t know the definition of extreme except that it goes against the “now” but who has deemed the “now” good and viable?

Consumption Experiment – Day Twenty

September 7, 2011

Having fallen behind for past few days so will backtrack the history as best as I can for yesterday and today later on. A lot of random clicking and reading done today as well as updated a volunteer project for Amnesty International who basically needs a website set up.

Started looking into the Pink Dolphin petition and will finish tomorrow. Some video as well, not fond of the introduction.

Oliver Hangl, here

Celebrity Gossip and more

iLion cleanup event

Articles regarding Green Jobs here and here

Tiger Airways flights

Checked out what is all the fuss about Google Doodle and Freddy Mercury

Heaps of wikileaks regarding Taiwan albeit nothing surprising. Just politicians hating each other – shock? President Ma and his green card debacle

Went to an interesting event regarding Taiwan Independence. Wanted to see all sides so decided to check this out and observe the topic and also the audience members.

For all that I read about Taiwan’s sovereignty, let me tell everyone that it does not mean I am pro-DPP. Just as I am definitely not a Democrat. Nothing is so easily divided and people simplify matters, losing in their compromise. As someone stated, it is easier to pick on the KMT and also Republicans because their blunders are so ridiculous.

When someone asks me which artists I like I can never select one and I realized it is because I rarely like all the songs of an artist. I usually like one song by an artist and can only concur and agree to liking that song – but to generalize this that I love the artist or the genre, is wrong. I can’t help that I divide things so clearly.

As I have been obsessed with one track from INXS the past two days, I searched the beejesus out of him, including a strut down memory lane on Paula Yates, the tumultuous affair and relationship AND death. It is amazing how much Geldof loved her despite her extramarital dabblings and chose to raise her and Michael Hutchence daughter as his own.

Read up on Unknown Hinson because of Talk American pointed out by a uber conservative saying we should all culturally assimilate.

UN Peacekeepers raping people in Haiti

Some odd articles in the Taipei Times, one regarding woman getting off heroin (Guardian)

Also big is the latest debate on shark fin, let’s hope this continues and can be applied to a myriad of other food varieities.